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How To Save Money This Year – 15 Exciting Tips

Have you notice food prices have already been increased since early of the year? If your normal basic “Wantan Mee” was RM5.00 last year, it’s RM5.50 now – that’s 10% increase. A plate of “Mee Goreng” at Mamak stall is now RM4.00 when it was RM3.50 three months ago. Of course if you stay in […]

... written on Feb 21 2014

Credit Card Safety Tips That You May Have Missed

Christmas is around the corner. You probably have bought most of your Christmas’s gifts. In case you have not, this weekend could be your last chance to swipe your credit cards like crazy. It’s hard not to use credit cards nowadays, especially with the escalating cost of living. Consumers, particularly youngsters tend to have this […]

... written on Dec 20 2013

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