Liar Muhyiddin Claims 80% Voters Support – Prove It By Ordering Hishammuddin To Quit Now & Azmin To Not Run Away

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May 21 2023
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Plagued with corruption charges, former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, whose given name is Mahiaddin Yasin but too embarrassed to use it, now depends on the upcoming state elections to return to power. Only then can the crook order the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to drop all his charges. There’s no other ways to escape prison.


This is the same reason another former premier – Mahathir Mohamad – is working with former rival Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) to overthrow Anwar-led unity government. There will be spectacular fireworks soon as Mahathir’s sidekick, former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, is expected to be charged with a long list of corruptions.


Mahathir-Anwar’s bad blood of over 25 years will be settled in the court. Mahathir tried to intimidate the prime minister with a lawsuit over accusation that he had enriched himself and his family members. This is another marvellous firework as Anwar lawyers will be having fun grilling and exposing Mahathir’s 22 years iron-fist rule (1981-2003) that saw his children became billionaires.

Liar Muhyiddin Yassin

To divert attention, racist bigot Muhyiddin has been spewing not only religious extremism but also lies. From falsely accusing DAP (Democratic Action Party) chairman Lim Guan Eng of revoking Yayasan Al-Bukhary’s tax exemption to “openly lying” about DAP’s interference in “Allah” court case, it’s both pathetic and shameful that a Muslim leader like Muhyiddin will not think twice about lying for the sake of power.


In his latest lies, Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin claims his coalition can win up to 80% of the votes in the upcoming state polls. The traitor, infamous for his “Sheraton Move” that brought down the democratically-elected Pakatan Harapan government in 2020, also claimed that the people are frustrated with the current unity government.


He conveniently forgot that the people, especially the Malays, had to raise “white flag” begging for food during his illegitimate and un-elected regime due to unemployment and endless lockdowns. To cling to power, Muhyiddin shamelessly declared a State of Emergency and locked down the Parliament during the Covid pandemic to prevent a motion of no confidence.

Coronavirus - White Flag - Bendera Putih - Hunger and Desperation During Covid-19

Hilariously, his dubious claim of commanding 80% of support from the people was based on a study conducted by his own coalition – comprising Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), Gerakan and PAS – that it was leading in terms of popularity and leadership. Did he realize Gerakan captured only 305,025 votes (1.97%) in the Nov 2022 General Election?


Did the genius Muhyiddin also aware that both his corrupt party (Bersatu) and extremist PAS won only a combined 28.11% in the same national polls? Exactly how could the support for Bersatu (13.55% votes) and PAS (14.56%) suddenly skyrockets to 80%? For that to happen means only DAP will win the Chinese votes, leaving the other parties in the government losing every single vote.


The best part was his narrative that Pakatan Harapan-led Selangor state would be defeated. Sure, it’s possible but not probable because that statistic says so. In the 2022’s election, Pakatan Harapan won 52.85% votes, Perikatan Nasional captured 27.55% and Barisan Nasional grabbed 17.41% in three-cornered contests in Selangor. As a result, Pakatan won 16 parliamentary seats and Perikatan got 6.

Unity Government MOU - Hajiji, Zahid, Anwar, Openg, Shafie

Today, Pakatan and Barisan are part of the Unity Government, therefore, theoretically it will be 70.26% against Perikatan’s 27.55%. With a powerful alliance between Pakatan and Barisan, it’s a wet dream for Muhyiddin to capture Selangor. Even if unhappy Barisan supporters decide to all leave and vote for Perikatan, Pakatan Harapan’s 52.85% support is still intact.


Muhyiddin’s wishful thinking might make sense if he was referring to PAS-controlled states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah. Since 2008 when Pakatan Harapan captured its crown jewels – Selangor – the people of the state have been very happy with the corrupt-free state government. Do you really think the majority of progressive Malays would want to destroy their rice bowl?


Let’s assume Opposition Perikatan Nasional could win 80% of the votes, which is a fantasy. If the survey was true and not a truckload of horse shit, Muhyiddin should order the 10 MPs from Barisan Nasional – led by UMNO traitor Hishammuddin Hussein – to quit UMNO party now and trigger by-elections to topple the federal government. With 80% support, it’s a guaranteed win.

Hugging - Muhyiddin Yassin and Hishammuddin Hussein

Pakatan Harapan will lose Selangor if 80% voters decide to vote for the Opposition, forcing the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) to quit the unity government and embrace Perikatan Nasional for survival purpose. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim will lose power, which leads to the burning question – should not Muhyiddin quickly snatch the role of Opposition Leader from party secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin?


If the stars are aligned, the first thing power-crazy Muhyiddin should have done is to appoint himself as the Opposition Leader in preparation to become the new PM, and not alert the enemies of his strength. In fact, if he really commands 80% support, especially from Malays, Perikatan Nasional would have launched a massive nationwide protest on the “Allah” issue and force PM Anwar to make a U-turn or resign.


Previously, as the powerful Home Minister, the racist Muhyiddin had allowed the police to grant permit for then-Opposition parties UMNO and PAS to protest against the ICERD (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination). The mega rallies were part of his treachery plan to undermine his own government so that he can form a backdoor government with the enemies.

Malay-Muslim Demonstration - International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination ICERD

So, why aren’t Bersatu and PAS, armed with the so-called 80% of Malays support and supposedly a very powerful coalition, repeat the same political drama to overthrow Anwar administration this round? After all, “Allah” is a much bigger “hot potato” than ICERD. Clearly, the people’s support, especially from the Malay population, has already hit its peak for the opposition parties.


If indeed Bersatu, PAS and Gerakan are as popular as Muhyiddin claims, they would not have thrown tantrums like a child over a petty issue such as PM Anwar’s Hari Raya festival open houses recently. If 80% of the people were disgusted with the unity government, the event would not have been a blockbuster success. Even if they came merely for food, they need not drive all the way to take selfies with the premier.


Yet, one of Bersatu leaders in Johor is urging and begging UMNO members and leaders to join the opposition, obviously referring to Hishammuddin, the mastermind behind 10 UMNO MPs who signed statutory declarations to support Muhyiddin as PM. Hishammuddin would have jumped ship yesterday if it’s true that 80% of people are pro-Perikatan Nasional.

Azmin Ali - Sad and Worry

In the same breath, if Selangor is guaranteed to fall, former Selangor Chief Minister Azmin Ali would have scrambled to actively lobby and promote himself for a state seat to contest. After humiliated with a stunning defeat in the Gombak parliamentary seat, the PKR traitor should at least defend his Bukit Antarabangsa state seat to redeem himself. But he chooses to run away.


First, Bersatu reportedly said Azmin will escape to “safe seat” Morib, with an option to contest in Hulu Kelang, only for him to deny that he will not contest in the coming Selangor state polls. Why would he want to “take a break” when 80% of voters can’t wait to vote for him, as bragged by his boss Muhyiddin? If he wins, he can become the Selangor Chief Minister again.


All these talks about having 80% of the votes in the pocket are just hot air to throw a cat among the pigeons. It was part of psychological warfare to create nuisance in order to annoy the unity government, not to mention threatening national security by spooking foreign investors. Sore loser Muhyiddin does not care even if his lies create political and economic instability.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Hadi Awang - Racist Bigots

However, his lies could backfire as it would potentially force people concerned about Selangor falling into the hands of religious extremists and racist bigots to come out to vote for Pakatan Harapan in droves. Traditionally, state elections attracted low turnout, but thanks to Muhyiddin, the states of Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan could see high turnout just to stop the opposition.


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Muhyiddin is not a hardworking person. During his PM days, he escaped Parliament sessions, found relaxing at home when other PMs were fighting hard during the pandemic time and started building the country’s economy. PN had no plan or totally clueless for attracting foreign investors, building economy, solving the livelihood of the Malaysian citizens during the pandemic. Even when he was DPM and Education minister during his Umno days, he spent RM100mil on the education blueprint. What happened after that? Money spent but no accountability!

Another ‘shiok sendiri’ by the opposition. They must be having multiple orgasms. PH is going to retain Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Penang. PH would take back Kedah and Terengganu. For Kelantan still a 60/40 chances (PAS/PH) because there are still a lot of voters of “blind faith’. There would not be any green, blue or black waves.

After the state election the only wave would be waves and waves of corrupt politicians going to jail. That is why Anwar has to inspect the Rawang prison to make sure that all renovation and extension are completed by this year end. Not safe and prudent to put all corrupt prisoners in one prison in Kajang. It would be the biggest political bloc in Kajang.

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