Stock Trading – Can You Make It A Career?

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Jan 28 2023
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There are many reasons stock trading may appeal to you as a career path. Perhaps you enjoy the fast-paced environment of the financial industry. Or maybe you love risks and the thrill of seeing them pay off excites you. Regardless of why you are interested in the industry, there are some definite ways you can turn this into a career. If you do it right, it can be a lucrative way to support yourself.


Start by Considering Degree Options

Having a graduate degree can be helpful in the financial industry, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get one before you can become employable. Many entry-level trading and broker positions only require you to have your undergraduate. While you don’t need a specific major, you will want to choose something relevant, like one in the business or finance industries. With either of these options, the courses will focus on accounting, economics, and finance, and employers prefer graduates with this knowledge.


Many of these degree programs can be completed in about four years, though if you are working while in school, they could take five to eight years to complete. One way of making sure you can finish on time is by looking for scholarships to help you pay for your degree. You can use an online search tool to find scholarships for college students so you don’t have to go looking in multiple locations.

Stock Trading - Can You Make It A Career

Get the Right Type of Experience

Many students who want to improve trading skills and are interested in the industry apply for internships in their field, so you will want to get some relevant experience before graduation as well. Even though the degree program may not require you to get an internship, employers are often more interested in candidates who have had some real-world experience. Plus, you will gain valuable connections, and these could lead to an internship turning into a full-time position once you graduate.


Your school might have a career center, where you can learn more about possible opportunities in your area. If you are unsure of which direction you want to go, you may speak with a business or finance professor. They may have some helpful pointers for you.


Register with the FINRA

Your state will likely require you to register with the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA) so you will be licensed to sell or buy financial products. You will likely need to pass multiple exams to receive your license. As this is often challenging to do right out of school, you may receive training from your firm to prepare you for these exams. You will need to learn about the state regulations that apply to trading securities.


Even after passing your exams, you will likely still need to take part in continuing education courses, which will educate you about financial services and products. Of course, there are plenty of other licenses you could get too. Some allow you to sell investment services or products so you can expand your offerings. Even if you do not need extra licenses, they can make you more competitive as you move up in your career.


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