The “Black Wave” Protest – Muhyiddin & Hadi’s Latest Plot To Overthrow The King’s Unity Government

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Dec 12 2022
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Mahiaddin Yassin is in trouble. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that he is extremely panicked because he could be charged for money laundering and might end up as prison mate of former Prime Minister Najib Razak. The former backdoor prime minister, along with his best friend Abdul Hadi Awang, must launch “Sheraton Move 2.0” to topple PM Anwar – by hook or by crook.


It’s hard to believe Muhyiddin (Mahiaddin) did not help himself to the RM530 billion Covid-19 stimulus packages which his regime allocated during the pandemic. It takes a thief to catch a thief. In this case, the experienced UMNO could smell a rat hundreds of miles away that Muhyiddin’s party – Bersatu or Malaysian United Indigenous Party – had swindled billions despite his short 17-month rule.


When Muhyiddin was controversially sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister on March 1, 2020, he did not have the minimum 112 MPs to form a simple majority government in the 222-seat Parliament. Therefore, he deliberately shut down the Parliament to prevent any vote of no confidence that could expose he actually had “scammed” the Agong (King) into swearing him.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Illegitimate Prime Minister

Malaysia was the only country in the world that had declared emergency and locked up the Parliament under the pretext of fighting Coronavirus. Ruling with absolute power during a State of Emergency, there was absolutely no check and balance during Muhyiddin’s illegitimate 17-month rule. Worse, the backdoor PM could plunder the national coffer and nobody would know.


Even if his appointed finance minister – Tengku Zafrul – was not directly involved in stealing public money (which still subjects to investigation), it does not mean the clueless and incompetent minister had not committed negligence – blindly approved all expenditures and projects ordered by his boss. Unlike Muhyiddin, however, Zafrul enjoys certain level of protection due to his “royal connection”.


The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will now focus its investigation on the RM92.5 billion directly funded by the government after it was established that RM437.5 billion was not from the government. This means Muhyiddin’s backdoor Perikatan Nasional government did not actually help the people to the tune of RM530 billion as shamelessly trumpeted.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 13215 Cases New Record - 15July2021

Still, RM92.5 billion is a lot of money – more than twice amount of money stolen in the infamous 1MDB scandal. Even 10% leakages would translate to a jaw-dropping RM9 billion. The suspension of Treasury secretary-general Asri Hamidin, one of the most powerful posts in the civil service, suggests that misappropriation of government funds had indeed happened.


A good example that leakages did occurred was the RM7 billion contracts approved under the RM15 billion flood mitigation project that were awarded through direct negotiations (in exchange for kickbacks) to dubious companies like Mangkubumi Sdn Bhd. Exactly how could Mangkubumi won the deal when it has been involved in a court case for illegal money laundering as much as RM139 million?


The best part was when former UMNO warlord Annuar Musa proudly told all and sundry in TikTok how Muhyiddin gave him tens of millions during the 2020 Sabah state election. Annuar said – “I flew to Sabah and met Muhyiddin myself. I entered his bedroom and told him UMNO didn’t have enough money and lacked funds. Muhyiddin gave tens of millions to help UMNO when in Sabah.”

Stacks Of RM50 Ringgit Bill Notes - Money

If backdoor PM Muhyiddin could easily give away tens of millions of Ringgit as if the money was loose change, it means there were hundreds of millions more in his bedroom. Where did the Bersatu president get so much money if not from bribes? Annuar thought he was smart when he tried to portray Muhyiddin as a generous man trying to help UMNO. He didn’t realize his dumb revelation will haunt the ex-PM.


Bersatu president Muhyiddin and PAS president Hadi’s biggest mistake was spending too lavishly during the recent 15th General Election. The religious extremist PAS party did not even pretend seeking donations from the public to run their election campaign, as they would normally do previously. Instead, video clips revealed how PAS happily corrupted gullible young Malay voters with RM350 to vote for the party.


The only way to stop the authorities from investigating billions of public funds stolen during the backdoor government of Muhyiddin is to topple the new Anwar administration – the unity government decreed by King Sultan Abdullah. But how does racist bigot Muhyiddin Yassin and religious extremist Hadi Awang plan to overthrow the Agong’s unity government?

Anwar Ibrahim 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia - Agong King Sultan Abdullah

Unlike the previous “Sheraton Move 1.0” in 2020 that saw power-hungry Muhyiddin grabbed power through betrayal and treachery, PM Anwar Ibrahim does not need to lift a finger to sniff new plots and covert agenda this time. UMNO cyber troopers, determined to fight back Bersatu’s plan to kill the party, has exposed the coming “black wave” protest orchestrated by Perikatan Nasional.


Apparently, the protest would involve instigating pro-Perikatan Nasional Malays to wear black or change their social media badges to black. The idea is to create a false and dangerous narrative that majority of people, especially the Malays, do not support Anwar-led unity government. The sore losers might even silently mobilize public rally to create instability and fear in the country.


The peak of the protest is supposed to be between December 19 and 20 when Anwar is scheduled to test his legitimacy with a motion of confidence in the Parliament. Muhyiddin and Hadi, with help from UMNO traitors like Hishammuddin Hussein, hope to influence, cajole, bribe and threaten as many MPs as possible to vote – or at least abstain – against the new prime minister.

Malaysia Parliament Building

If Anwar fails to get the votes from 148 MPs, who have so far pledged their support for the new PM, opposition Perikatan Nasional would spin and twist it as proof that Anwar-led unity government has lost confidence and must resign. Already, Muhyiddin minions have claimed that Perikatan Nasional’s “green wave” victory in Padang Serai election was a “no-confidence vote” against the government.


They conveniently forgot that UMNO-led Barisan Nasional coalition too had won big in the Melaka and Johor state elections, so much so that the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) captured two-thirds majority, only to suffer their biggest defeat in the history some 8 months later in the 2022 national election. UMNO warlords too had arrogantly claimed the state election results were a “confidence vote” for the party.


Heck, traitor Muhyiddin has also gone bonkers when he labelled the coalition government formed by Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional as “the biggest electoral fraud ever” – clearly taking a page from the playbook of Donald Trump, the former U.S. president who falsely claims that his election was stolen by Democrats Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election.

US Presidential Election 2020 - Donald Trump Defeated

Desperate for power in order to stop investigation and prosecution, Muhyiddin claimed that people are not confident in the ability of the unity government led by Pakatan Harapan chairman Anwar Ibrahim. As far as Muhyiddin is concerned, a unity government must be led by him and only him alone due to his obsession with power and his narcissist belief that only he is capable of leading the country.


Adding to his desperation was the unbelievable congratulatory message from world leaders, including endorsements from military superpower United States and economic power China. Muhyiddin’s jealousy spiked a few notches when President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo became the first foreign leader who congratulated the newly inaugurated Anwar Ibrahim through a telephone call from the Bogor Palace, West Java, Indonesia.


Muhyiddin was furious, but reluctantly conceded defeat after Sultan Ibrahim of Johor congratulated Anwar Ibrahim on his appointment as the 10th Prime Minister. Considered the de-facto leader of the nine Malay Rulers in the country, the open message of congratulation from the Sultanate of Johor practically sealed the fate of Muhyiddin, and closed his door to become the prime minister.

Agong King Sultan Abdullah vs Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin

But he has no one to blame but himself. Because none of the coalitions – Pakatan Harapan, Barisan Nasional and Perikatan Nasional – wins the general election, the King had proposed that Muhyiddin’s Perikatan Nasional and Anwar’s Pakatan Harapan cooperate to form a unity government. While Anwar agreed, power-crazy Muhyiddin flatly rejected the royal decree.


Worse, Muhyiddin, waving a stack of dubious 115 SD (statutory declarations) in the face of King Sultan Abdullah, rudely and arrogantly demanded an explanation why he was not sworn in as the prime minister. His arrogance pissed off the Palace big time, leading to a special Conference of Malay Rulers, who promptly approved Anwar as the legitimate premier.


Now, Muhyiddin regretted his action. The secondary goal of the half-baked “black wave” protest (if it ever takes off) is to pressure the Malay Rulers to issue a new decree to include opposition Perikatan Nasional in the unity government – if the main objective to overthrow Anwar fails. At the very least, Muhyiddin and Hadi thought they could shut down corruption investigations if they were part of the government.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Hadi Awang - Racist Bigots

It would be a challenge for Bersatu and PAS to survive if Perikatan Nasional stays as the Opposition. It would be better to share power rather than without power at all. They believe strategic portfolios like the Home Ministry and Finance Ministry could be theirs if Perikatan Nasional could shamelessly bulldoze its way into the unity government by cooking a fake narrative that people don’t support Anwar.


Yes, Perikatan Nasional cannot lose face by begging to be allowed in the unity government, not after what Muhyiddin had done. The only option is to force the King to issue yet another royal decree to let the sore losers join Anwar administration, the same way Barisan Nasional had pretended they wanted to be the “opposition” before forced by the monarch to choose Pakatan Harapan and formed the unity government.


However, there’s one big problem with Muhyiddin and Hadi’s plan. Sabah Bersatu is collapsing after its leaders have unanimously decided to leave the party, but will remain under GRS (Gabungan Rakyat Sabah). Essentially, Perikatan Nasional would lose 6 MPs before it could even overthrow PM Anwar. It’s also hard to see how Muhyiddin could swing GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) after it was awarded 5 ministerial and 6 deputy minister posts by Anwar.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Sore Loser - Angry After 15th General Election


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Dont you think overthrowing the Gov’t is an act of terrorism? What’s more if it is the King’s “selected” gov’t! Don’t you think these people especially Moo2 and Onion-head need to be EXECUTED?

Judge the tree by it’s fruits…simple as that.

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