The Best Trading Apps In 2022

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Nov 10 2022
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Desktop trading platforms are still popular, and traders are unlikely to abandon them soon. But times are changing, and it is more important than ever for an investor to respond quickly to all opportunities, take advantage of opportunities and chances, and not lose any perspective. That is why it is essential that access to the trading account is instantaneous, and only mobile apps can offer such an opportunity. At the same time, they are becoming so convenient that there is no need to use a PC. Trade on the go without any delays!


Rating of the best mobile apps for traders

The list of the best apps was formed based on an analysis taking into account the most critical criteria. These are factors such as the availability of the necessary functionality for fundamental or technical analysis, the user-friendliness of the interface, and the ability to trade liquid assets. It is also essential for the analysis to take into account financial aspects: how convenient it is to withdraw earned funds, for which services you need to pay a fee, etc.


1.  R MobileTrader 

If you need not just an app, but a full-fledged trading station right on your mobile device, then there is no better solution than R MobileTrader. This is the most powerful trading app optimized for the needs of professional investors. Here you can do everything you need:

  • Trade various currency pairs, stocks, precious metals, and derivatives.
  • Analyze the market using 14 trading indicators and other important chart analysis tools.
  • Get the latest forecasts, news, and reviews right in the app.
  • Take advantage of social trading, in particular, copying the effective strategies of successful traders.
  • Always keep your account safe and under complete control.

Trade forex with the R MobileTrader mobile app and succeed!

The Best Trading Apps In 2022

2.  TD Ameritrade Mobile App

TD Ameritrade is the optimal application for beginner traders, which aims to help everyone understand how everything works and how to succeed in investing. This is not just a set of convenient and necessary tools, but also many educational options included in the platform (there are even more educational offers on the website, the most popular ones are included in the mobile application). You learn how to invest, and you immediately have the opportunity to put the acquired knowledge into practice, so it gives more than a demo account and social trading combined.


3.  Interactive Brokers

Unlike Ameritrade, which is designed for beginners, the Interactive Brokers platform offers an impeccable list of features necessary for the successful operation of a professional. The mobile app is less powerful than the desktop version, but it has everything you need to react instantly and take chances. The trader always has the tools they need, and if you let the application send you notifications, you won’t miss any important events.

The platform offers such features as:

  • Trade portfolio management;
  • Charts with 70 indicators and very convenient settings;
  • Simplified execution of trade operations.

An exceptional feature is the presence of the accompanying Impact application. This project was created to invest in socially and environmentally significant initiatives:


4.  TradeStation

The TradeStation mobile app supports options such as Matrix and complex options trading. Cryptocurrency trading is also available. The application has reliable indicators that can be guided by deciding to carry out certain transactions. Overall, this solution is simple and reliable, suitable for investors of any professional level and experience.


5.  MetaTrader

An extremely popular platform that opens the door to convenient forex trading. It is the most common application among forex traders and exists in two versions: 4 and 5. They differ slightly in complexity and functionality, but both are suitable for managing different types of assets.

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