Proving Legitimacy, Instilling Confidence & Flushing Traitors – Why A Motion Of Confidence For PM Anwar Is Vital

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Nov 28 2022
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Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin and PAS president Hadi Awang were so confident of forming a new government that the celebrations had already started on Sunday (Nov 20), less than 24 hours after the 15th General Election. Traitor Azmin Ali was grinning from ear to ear despite losing his Gombak seat, knowing he can be appointed as a Senator and become a minister through backdoor.


Despite losing all the 23 parliamentary seats contested under Perikatan Nasional banner, Gerakan president Dominic Lau Hoe Chai was so happy that he practically hugged everyone he could find during a press conference at the Glenmarie Hotel and Golf Resort in Subang on the same day. It was so electrifying that one would have thought they had won the FIFA World Cup.


Like Azmin, Dominic too would become a Senator and given a ministry portfolio. The Gerakan president is just a poster boy to create a false perception that Perikatan Nasional has ethnic Chinese representatives. Gerakan is merely a puppet to the racist bigots Muhyiddin and religious extremist Hadi. Dominic did not even lift a finger when Chinese and Christians were attacked by his political masters.

Anwar Ibrahim 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia - Press Conference

On the same Sunday, Muhyiddin announced that he had obtained the support of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) and Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) to form the next government. He even claimed that the Yang diPertuan Agong (King) had sent him a letter pertaining to the matter, which is of course – fake. But that was not the only lies the former backdoor PM spewed.


Obsessed with power, he had also lied to GPS chairman Abang Johari Openg, who was misled into believing that Barisan Nasional had joined the bandwagon. The Sarawak Premier looked like a fool when he told reporters that GPS had agreed to form a coalition with Perikatan Nasional, Barisan Nasional and GRS to form a “strong and stable” federal government, only for Zahid to deny it.


Abang Johari probably wished he could bury his head in the sand after Barisan Nasional chairman Zahid Hamidi announced that the coalition had never held talks with Perikatan Nasional or Sarawak-based GPS. Likewise, Sabah Chief Minister Hajiji Noor too believed Barisan Nasional was on board after misled by Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin.

Barisan Nasional - Perikatan Nasional - Pakatan Harapan - Flags

All hell broke loose after Zahid dropped the bombshell. Without Barisan Nasional 30 MPs, neither Pakatan Harapan (82 MPs) nor Perikatan Nasional (73 MPs) could form the next government. While Pakatan Harapan has other permutations to get the magic number 112 MPs to form a simple-majority government, Muhyiddin’s Perikatan Nasional “must” work together with Barisan Nasional.


It was only after Zahid said Barisan Nasional en-bloc had not decided which coalition it would support that Perikatan Nasional let the cat out of the bag, saying it had more than 112 statutory declarations (SD) in its pocket. With GPS’ 23 MPs, GRS’ 6 MPs and Perikatan Nasional’s 73 MPs, it means at least 10 traitors in Barisan Nasional had secretly pledged support for Muhyiddin.


Citing anti-hopping law, Zahid warned his party MPs that they could lose their seats if they did not toe the party line. With anti-hopping law, there is no need for SD from each MP. The King had explicitly mentioned that he only requires the affirmation from party leaders, in this case a letter from Barisan Nasional chairman Zahid Hamidi stating he supports Pakatan Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister.

Gangster Zahid Hamidi

Any Barisan Nasional MP who disagreed with the party’s decision must resign, leading to the parliamentary seat becomes vacant and triggers a by-election. But power-crazy Muhyiddin didn’t care. Hadi was so arrogant that he told all and sundry that they were just waiting for an invitation from the Palace for an audience with the King before swearing in Muhyiddin as the 10th Prime Minister on Monday (Nov 21).


While Muhyiddin had successfully scammed the Malay Rulers two years ago, the game has changed with the anti-hopping law. Not a single of 10 Barisan Nasional MPs dares to test the newly introduced law that prohibits a Member of Parliament from switching sides. As insurance, the “Aku Janji” (letter of undertaking) letters signed by all election candidates empowered UMNO president Zahid with almost absolute power.


The best part is UMNO Supreme Council members are mostly Zahid’s boys and any decision to suspend its members cannot be challenged in court or even the ROS (Registrar of Society). Hishammuddin Hussein, of course, still remembers how then-UMNO chief Najib Razak suspended Muhyiddin as the party deputy president in Feb 2016, allowing Zahid to step in.

Hishammuddin Hussein with cousin Najib Razak

After Zahid’s warning, the faction of Hishammuddin – leader of the UMNO traitors – signed new SD, withdrawing their initial support for Mahiaddin (Muhyiddin). Those updated statutory declarations were then sent to the Palace. After chickening out, Hishammuddin officers rubbished a statement circulating on social media quoting him as saying 10 UMNO MPs were backing Muhyiddin as prime minister.


The withdrawal of support from the 10 UMNO MPs at the last minute on Tuesday (Nov 22), the last day of submission to the Palace, effectively closed the door for Muhyiddin. His final attempt in an explosive horse-trading meeting with Barisan Nasional on Wednesday (Nov 23) at the five-star St Regis Hotel in Kuala Lumpur did not turn up well as the bad blood between Bersatu and UMNO was beyond repair.


Furious, Mr Muhyiddin went ballistic. Even as Anwar Ibrahim was being sworn in as Malaysia’s 10th Prime Minister, he called a press conference, still insisting that he had the support of 115 MPs. He could not accept the fact that Zahid had outsmarted him, leading to the ultimate announcement that Barisan Nasional supports a unity government – as long as not led by Perikatan Nasional.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Disintegrate

Desperado Mahiaddin’s final move was challenging Anwar to prove his legitimacy in the Parliament. Immediately after taking office as prime minister, Anwar said he would gladly test his support when Parliament convenes on December 19. It was an absolutely correct decision to table a motion of confidence to test his legitimacy in the Dewan Rakyat (Lower House).


The unity government will eventually collapse without showing that Anwar commands the majority support among the Members of Parliament, which will also affect investors’ confidence in the new administration. Both unelected backdoor Muhyiddin and Sabri governments saw fleeing investors, sagging economy, depreciating currency and skyrocketing inflation.


Still, that has not stopped power-hungry Muhyiddin and Hadi from scheming and plotting to topple the democratically-elected unity government, the same way they brought down the previous Pakatan Harapan government through “Sheraton Move” in Feb 2020. The scumbags are not ashamed at all to form yet another backdoor government for the sake of power, position and projects to enrich themselves.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Hadi Awang - Extremist and Racist

After the failed “St Regis Move”, Perikatan Nasional has started the “Tropicana Move”, where UMNO vice-president Ismail Sabri, Ketereh UMNO chief Annuar Musa, PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, MCA president Wee Ka Siong, and former Putrajaya UMNO chief Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz gathered at the Tropicana Golf and Country Resort for “secret meetings”.


You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell that they were planning to overthrow Anwar during the upcoming parliamentary session. Hishammuddin could have been ordered by Muhyiddin to lead the 10 Barisan Nasional MPs to abstain from voting for Anwar – or even skip the parliament session entirely in order to embarrass the new PM with less than 112 votes of support.


One way or another, Anwar cannot run away from proving his legitimacy as the prime minister. Even if he can hide now, eventually he has to face the Parliament during the tabling of the Budget 2023. Failing to get his budget approved means he has lost the majority support, therefore he must resign. But will the new prime minister really lose power so soon?

Malaysia Parliament Building

Besides testing Anwar’s support, the motion of confidence can be used to flush out traitors. Zahid Hamidi has already promised the full support from Barisan Nasional’s 30 MPs. Any attempt by Hishammuddin and his boys to support Muhyiddin could be seen as treacherous and would be punished accordingly within the United Malays National Organization (UMNO).


However, if Hishammuddin and his minions have no choice but to vote along the party’s instruction, it will strengthen Anwar’s legitimacy. Barisan Nasional aside, Gabungan Parti Sarawak, Gabungan Rakyat Sabah, Warisan and several minor parties and independent MPs have already pledged their support for the unity government – delivering two-thirds majority for Anwar Ibrahim.


Even if Hishammuddin faction suddenly switches sides, it’s very unlikely that other parties would follow suit so quickly after joining the unity government decreed by the King. Assuming the new Cabinet would be formed before the motion of confidence, does it make sense that all other parties would take the risk of abandoning their ministries in favour of Muhyiddin’s Perikatan Nasional?

PM Muhyiddin - Sad Face Expression

Opposition Perikatan Nasional could be humiliated instead with only 73 votes when the vote of confidence takes place, assuming everyone attends and doesn’t skip the parliament. The new government has to show its overwhelming support not only to destroy any false perception that Muhyiddin has the support of 115 MPs, but also to convince investors and financial markets that the unity government is a strong and stable government.


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Lest those among us who are concerned (and there should be) , Anwar should provide full and satisfactory explanation for why the Yanks with connections to the US State Department, neocon organisations openly made statements that quite straightforwardly make him out to be a proxy and stooge for those foreign interests. To start off with, there’s that statement by Twining which, seen by those on our country’s side would mark Anwar out to be a “traitor”.

We need full and committed assurance too from Anwar he’s not with the problematic Muslim Brotherhood.

Just openly, honestly, straightforwardly dealing with these for the moment would go some way in determining Anwar’s integrity, honesty, decency, and statesmanship.

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