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Why UMNO Could Lose – A Vote For UMNO Is A Vote For Gangster Zahid To Become Next Prime Minister

Who is the UMNO prime ministerial candidate if they win the 15th General Election? Since Ismail Sabri was pressured by party president Zahid Hamidi to dissolve the Parliament on Oct 10, nobody within the United Malays National Organization knows the answer. Only today, 5 days later, an UMNO division in Kelantan has proposed Sabri as […]

... written on Oct 15 2022

Just Ask The People – The Dilemma Of Holding State & Parliamentary Elections Separately Or Concurrently

Before unelected and backdoor Prime Minister Ismail Sabri dissolved the Parliament, paving the way for the 15th General Election, opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH) has threatened not to hold state elections simultaneously. But it was not only PH, who rules Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan, had insisted it would not dissolve the three state assemblies.   […]

... written on Oct 14 2022

Endless Inflation – Two More 75 Basis Point Hikes This Year As Wall Street Shocked By September 8.2% Inflation

Senile President Joe Biden still believes the economy is still in good shape and there isn’t any inflation. But the more the U.S. in denial, the longer the inflation rate is plaguing the country. The latest CPI (consumer price index) is out, and it’s horrible. The September inflation is 8.2%, up 0.4% from a year […]

... written on Oct 13 2022

Now German Is Furious At High U.S. Gas Prices – Energy Crisis Is So Bad People Use “Horse Dung” To Heat Homes

In 2018, Donald Trump attacked Germany, Europe’s largest economy and one of NATO’s most important members. The U.S. president warned that the country was making a big mistake in totally dependent on Russian energy. Trump’s speech at the United Nations was laughed by Germany’s UN delegation. Today, Western media are mocking and laughing at Germany’s […]

... written on Oct 12 2022

How The King Was Ambushed To Dissolve Parliament – Time To Punish Traitors & Power-Crazy UMNO-Malays

After months of pressure from his own party, PM Ismail Sabri has finally announced the dissolution of Parliament on Monday (Oct 10), paving the way for the 15th General Election. Malaysia will now go to the polls within 60 days. This also means Sabri is effectively the shortest serving prime minister – just 14 months, […]

... written on Oct 10 2022

U.S. Very Angry – Despite Biden’s Begging, OPEC+ Cuts 2 Million Barrels Per Day To Push Up Prices

On Wednesday (Oct 5), gas prices hit record highs in many parts of California. In some southern California locations, gasoline spiked to more than US$8.00 per gallon. Statewide, prices reached US$6.42 per gallon – nearly US$3 higher than the national average of US$3.83. While the blames are on regional refinery outages and Ukraine War, something else happened that […]

... written on Oct 07 2022

Sorry Bro – There’s No Provision For Prisoner Najib To Attend Parliament, Even If He’s Still An MP

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, the so-called hotshot lawyer of former Prime  Minister Najib Razak, is squirming like a worm in a silly effort to allow his client to attend parliamentary sessions. Actually, Mr Shafee needs to do only one thing – quote a law that allows a prisoner attends the Parliament. He can’t because there’s no […]

... written on Oct 06 2022

De-Dollarization Begins – China Stockpiling Gold & Offers Discount To India Businesses If Settles In Yuan

Beijing knew it could not make “Yuan” (Renminbi) an internationalized currency overnight, nor could it replace the U.S. dollar’s dominance in the global system with the Chinese currency. China has US$3.0549 trillion in foreign exchange reserves (end of August) – the largest in the world. About a third – US$1 trillion – of its foreign […]

... written on Oct 05 2022

Economic Disaster In Less Than A Month – PM Truss Needs More Than Anti-Chinese Rhetoric To Show Her Competence

Before then-Foreign Secretary Liz Truss won the confidence of the ruling Conservative Party to become the United Kingdom’s next prime minister, she was vigorously campaigning on the anti-China platform. Both she and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak were competing with each other to win the anti-Chinese contest. She beat Sunak by 81,326 to […]

... written on Oct 03 2022

The King Might Throw Out Request To Dissolve Parliament – Incompetent PM Sabri Hadn’t A Clue He’s Being Played

Ahmad Zahid Hamid, president of UMNO, can heave a sigh of relief. He could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel after the High Court on Sept 23 acquitted him of all 40 bribery charges. He was so grateful that he boastfully said he has had faith in the judiciary since “day […]

... written on Oct 01 2022

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