Is U.S. Really That Powerful? – Zelensky Frustration Grows Over Biden Foot-Dragging In Helping Ukraine

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Mar 19 2022
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Zelensky had to invoke Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and even Martin Luther King Jr as he begs for help from American lawmakers in his speech via Zoom to the U.S. Congress. Dressed in a khaki-coloured military T-shirt, he tried to rally for support – “I have a dream. These words are known to each of you today. I can say, I have a need – I need to protect our sky. I need your decision, your help.”


He said – “Remember Pearl Harbour, the terrible morning of December 7, 1941, when your sky was black from the planes attacking you. Remember September 11th, a terrible day in 2001, when evil tried to turn your cities -independent territories – into battlefields. Our country experiences the same every day, right now, at this moment – every night for three weeks now”.


The Ukrainian president was actually trying to pressure Joe Biden during his 18-minute speech, as well as indirectly mocking the great America for dragging its feet when facing Russia. He criticized the White House for needing to be “shamed into action every step along the way”. Hours later, Biden announced another US$800 million in military aid to help Ukraine fight Russia.

Ukraine-Russia War - Zelensky and Biden

Exactly why Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was reduced to begging for help from the world’s most powerful nation? Why the Commander-in-Chief didn’t mobilized 100,000 American troops to Ukraine as a preventive measure, despite knowing months in advance about Putin’s invasion plan? Is it true that the U.S. is just a bully who dares to only confront Syria, Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan?


Imagine Russian Severodvinsk nuclear submarines at the doorstep of Britain, unleashing a dozen Zircon hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV), travelling at Mach 9 (11,000 km/h) with nuclear warheads. At the same time, Russian MiG-31K jets, carrying Kinzhal hypersonic land-attack missiles were ready in Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea bordering Poland and Lithuania.


Each Kinzhal (known as “Dagger”) can carry up to a 500-kiloton nuclear warhead – 33 times more powerful than the “Fat Man” atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima – and travels over 10 times the speed of sound (2 miles per second). Kinzhal reportedly is capable of precision strikes using a terrain-matching sensor, as well as engaging moving ships at sea using a radar seeker.

Russia 3M22 Zircon Hypersonic Glider

From Kaliningrad, a Kinzhal hypersonic missile can reach most West European capitals within 7-10 minutes. Another hypersonic weapon mounted on top of ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) ready to be fired – Avantgard – which entered service in 2019 has a top speed of Mach 20 (24,696 kilometres per hour), and can carry a nuclear weapon of up to two megatons.


Russia also has over a thousand intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise-missile carrying bombers that can strike targets across globe. As Zircon strikes London and other cities in 5 minutes, literally wiping the United Kingdom, Vladimir Putin sends a chilling message to the U.S. and its allies to stand down, or risk MAD (mutual assured destruction) in a full-blown nuclear war.


Hollywood has not made a film of such scenario. But for argument’s sake, what will the U.S. and NATO do if Moscow launches such a stunning and unexpected nuclear attack on Britain? Will the U.S. and NATO retaliate with equal force, ready to destroy humanity, or will the Western powers – panicked and shocked – finally realize it’s not worthwhile to engage with the madman?

Vladimir Putin - Nuclear Attack on UK Britain

Russian President Vladimir Putin put nuclear forces on high alert February 27, after the U.S. and NATO allies imposed financial sanction on the country. Subsequently, while Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said he did not believe the conflict in Ukraine would spiral into a nuclear war, he however, warned that if a “World War 3” were to occur, it would involve nuclear weapons.


Was Putin bluffing? We are talking about the same man who said he would not invade Ukraine, only to do it anyway. Remember, when a bear is being pushed to the wall, its only option is to fight back. Putin will bring down the world with him before the West can see a regime change. When Biden said last month that Americans have reason to be concerned about nuclear war, you know the U.S. will chicken out.


Zelensky obviously was frustrated because the U.S. has only supplied small arms since the invasion, as well as Javelin antitank missiles and shoulder-fired Stingers to target low-flying helicopters and aircraft. But those weapons are pretty useless against Russian missiles and high-altitude aircraft. To drag the U.S. into the war, Zelensky has cleverly requested a “no-fly zone”.

Russia Topol ICBM Nuclear Missile - Vladimir Putin

The suggestion was quickly rejected. A no-fly zone is an extremely dangerous proposition because it would commit the U.S. and NATO forces to shoot down any Russian aircraft that enter. It would mean going to war with Russia. Not only such move would not convince the Russian to comply, it would put precious American life to risk. The U.S. had never declared a war with a nuclear-power nation before.


Putin said – “Any no-fly zone will be considered by Russia as participation in an armed conflict by that country”. His message was simple – do it at your own peril. Hawkish Republican Senator Marco Rubio instantly warned that a no-fly zone “means starting world war three”. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy likewise said a no-fly zone is “a bad idea and Congress would never authorize it”.


Suddenly, all the so-called brave American lawmakers like Rubio and Murphy chicken out, despite a Reuters’ poll that says 74% respondents support a NATO-imposed no-fly zone over Ukraine. The gullible Americans obviously have been watching too many Hollywood movies, where the good guy U.S. always beats the bad buy Russia. The question is whether the U.S. dares to enforce a no-fly zone.

Russia S-400 Missile System

The U.S. and NATO have previously established no-fly zones in 3 different conflicts – Libya (2011), Iraq (1992-2003) and Bosnia (1993-1995).  Why can’t they do the same in Ukraine? Because Russia will then deploy its S-400 (or even S-500) advanced anti-aircraft missile system. With long-range coverage up to 400 kilometres and a height of up to 30 kilometres, the S-400 will shoot down NATO jets instead.


During the Syrian War, Barack Obama was toying with the idea of establishing a no-fly zone. But the idea was shot down due to the direct involvement of Russian air-power, which deployed the fearsome S-400 missile defence system to defend not only its Tartus naval facility, but also Hmeymim airbase, a strategic military operation centre for Russia in Syria.


Despite the Western news propaganda that says hundreds of Russian helicopters and fighter jets fall from the sky, and the Ukrainian is winning the war, the truth is Ukraine does not control its skies. What the news media didn’t tell is that Russia has yet to fully utilise its air force in the war, and has instead relied more heavily on artillery, rockets, and cruise and ballistic missiles.

Poland MiG-29 Fighter Jet

And this is precisely why President Joe Biden was so terrified to even assist with the transfer of 28 Polish MiG fighters to Ukraine. The U.S. was taken by surprise when Poland suddenly announced that it was ready to donate its fleet of MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. The proposed gift would be a morale booster for Ukrainians, and Zelensky was delighted with the free jets.


To maintain the pretense that the U.S., EU and NATO are not direct participants in the Ukraine conflict, Poland would deliver the fighter jets to the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where they would be repainted and flown to a non-NATO, non-EU country – possibly Kosovo. Ukrainian pilots would then fetch to fly them to Ukraine.


In exchange, Poland wanted the U.S. to transfer used, but more capable and less expensive to maintain, F-16 fighters to them. Poland actually saw the opportunity to get a free upgrade of its air force capabilities – swapping all its MiG-29 for F-16. Again, Zelensky urged the Western powers to urgently make a decision on the fighter jets, only for the U.S. to reject it.

NATO Members Flag

Not only the Soviet-made MiG-29 is no match to more sophisticated Russian aircraft, the U.S. fear the plan would provoke Putin and provide excuses for Russia to use more high-profile weapons. The NATO and European Union, too, do not want to be seen as directly involved in such a transaction, especially when Russia has the capacity to reach almost the entire country of Ukraine.


After failed to get no-fly zone and MiG-29, now Zelensky has asked for Russian-made S-300 surface-to-air missile system, which Eastern European NATO countries still have stock. But if Biden could approve the donation of S-300 to Ukraine, why not the initial request for MiG-29? The U.S. and NATO appear trapped in its own little game of luring Ukraine into the NATO club.


If Ukraine wins the war, it could provoke Vladimir Putin to do something unthinkable. But if Russia conquers Ukraine, it will embolden Putin to send more troops to NATO’s border. Either war, the military superpower United States has no desire to fight the Russian. If the U.S. is so strong, Bloomberg would not have published a news with the headline – “Biden looks to China for help with Putin”.

China President Xi Jinping Toast With Russia President Vladimir Putin


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This is what you get when you made a comedian prime minister … a brilliant product of democracy.

Zelensky and his cabinet of entertainers (from his acting days) simply do not have the IQ to understand that US and NATO were just using Ukraine as a tool against Russia, with no intention to make Ukraine one of their own.

Truth be told, this is a proxy war between US and Russia on the Ukrainian soil. The one who gains the most from this conflict is the US … in sale of weapons, capital flights from Europe, being too far away to take in any refugees and to be attacked. Ukraine bear the most of the brunt.

What the world knows now is that Europeans are mostly powerless, puppets on a string, simply having to toe the US line, even though they know they will bear the consequences much more than US.

Just a correction to your write-up; Poland’s offer of MIG jets came after Blinken made the suggestion to the Polish leaders. What took the US by “surprise” is that Poland offered to send the jets to the US base in Germany for delivering into Ukraine instead offering to send the jets directly to Ukraine as originally suggested by the US. Common sense tells everyone that whoever delivers the jets will be in direct confrontation with Russia …. the US tried to push Poland to the front … but was out-maneuvered by Poland.




Enough already, US of A. Your story about chemical weapons tickles us. This is simply a false narrative. Remember your notorious false narrative about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (WMD) on Iraq , which then turn out to be nothing but media propaganda, but still invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents.

Well, we also know that, Russia is NO Iraq and President Vladimir Putin is NO pushover. The two documentaries below says it all about your sneaky ways.


And the documentary below on what took place behind the scene,


Blinken says war crimes committed in Ukraine, U.S. experts working to document attacks – by SIMON LEWIS and DAPHNE PSALEDAKIS , Friday, 18 Mar 20224:19 AM MYT



WAR CRIMES ? What about the war crimes committed by US and hiding behind the term ‘ Collateral Damage ‘. What about war crimes committed just after WW2 on POWs and innocents Germans – (Eisenhower’s Death Camps) . What about the war crimes and torture in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Middle East to name a few.

What about crimes committed in displacing democratically elected governments in South America and other parts of the world. The list is long. What the heck are you American boys doing in all these countries so so far away from your home.

When Trump was the President, he was trying to deescalate war, getting everyone to work together but now, you have a President who is worse then the Former Peanut Farmer President, who is not only blur blur but also not sure of his whereabouts most times.

Remember that Press talk where he referred to the Australian Prime Minister as ” THAT FELLA DOWN UNDER ” . That’s the kind of President you have now. (https://www.newsweek.com/joe-biden-scott-morrison-australia-aukus-down-under-fella-1629680)

You have not yet finished your meddling in Middle East and China yet and you already started meddling in European affairs. Also, the world has not yet come out of the Covid 19 epidemic . There are rumors that you may have had a hand in it.

All those Monkeys and Apes who are supporting you in all these, are they getting something out of all this? You talk about Human Rights but don’t really give too hoots about Human Lives.

And you think the whole world must follow you. Its Pathetic, fellow Americans of good old U.S. of A, your current blur blur President included. Quiet a few countries are now nuclear armed and some among them might not take it kindly to being bullied.

Take note, Foolish Western Leaders. Should a world war take place, it is definitely going to be Nuclear. As usual, it will the innocent people who will have to pay dearly with their lives in the end.

” PUTIN GOING TO G20 ‘ A STEP TOO FAR ‘ : AUSTRALIA PM” – Thursday, 24 Mar 202211:08 AM MYT



So says, the PM of Australia who the President of USA referred him as ” That Fella Down Under “.

Further, the PM of Aust. says, “I think we need to have people in the room that aren’t invading other countries,”.

Guess some of these English people do not know the meaning of these words – Hypocrisy, Hypocrites, Hypocrite and Pretense, Pretender, Pretending. The world is aware of his brother countries past history. He seem to be just as blur blur as the President of U.S. of A.

Or Maybe, for saying all these things, he expecting some more discounts for the purchase of Nuclear Subs. France, please take note of your former customer.

” Quiet a few countries are now nuclear armed and some among them might not take it kindly to being bullied. ”

Sorry, ‘Quiet’ should read as ‘Quite’


1. Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault. Featuring John Mearsheimer / Sep 26, 2015 /

2. Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzNxLzFfR5w

3. Ukraine on Fire. /




What can be done. The people of Ukraine can’t cry over spilled milk now. They elected a leader who allowed himself to be manipulated by foreign forces and now its citizens are suffering. By now everyone should know what happens in the event of a war. The middle east is a good example.

These foreign forces live thousands of miles away. Do you see their citizens suffering this way, like yourselves now, by their leaders involvement in your nation. Using your nation as an excuse, these foreign forces are throwing SANCTION’s here and there on RUSSIA and your nation is sandwiched in between.

How is it that your leader could not see this. Did he not have any concern for his citizens?


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