The Best Ways To Manage An International Business In A Worldwide Pandemic

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Mar 31 2021
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Managing an international business has become quite complicated over the past year due to the world pandemic. Businesses are faced with the challenges of travel and movement, as well as importing and exporting goods at a timely pace. Here are some of the best ways to keep your international business running smoothly and to the best of its ability during a worldwide pandemic.


The risks and struggles of operating as an international business

When operating as an international business you face a lot of struggles and risks, including the common ones which are language barriers when trading and sourcing materials, cultural differences and abiding by country laws, working with different currencies, inflation and exchange rates, and managing staff and operations in a country you’re not based in.


But when you add a pandemic to that mix, trading becomes a lot harder. Everything must be carefully managed and thoroughly planned. Workstations and trade produce must be expertly sanitised and rigorously checked so that it can pass through to the next station safely. Production load might face cutbacks due to social distancing measures and possible illness amongst staff.


This could result in stock and materials being distributed at a much slower rate and sometimes being halted all together if there is a flight ban currently taking place in one of your trading countries.


Customers may receive their products much later than imagined and become unsatisfied with the service they receive, through no fault of your own. The following tips will help to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible during the pandemic.

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Manage expectations

By managing the expectations of customers, as well as staff and trade partners, you will each have a clear understanding of what to expect. This way, if there are any delays with shipments or deliveries, your business partners and loyal customers will understand that the situation is out of your control and will be more forgiving and willing to wait for their service.


Customers don’t like being left in the dark. Having clear communication between them and the business will keep them informed and updated on the whereabouts of their order. Remember to offer tracking information and even offer discounts to loyal customers on their next order for being so patient. The customers will feel valued and be more likely to stick with your services rather than leave to join a competitor.


Clear customer service

To avoid spending valuable time responding to every customer query individually, consider adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on your website or at the bottom of email order confirmations. This way customers will be able to find answers to any generalised questions they may have without having to call or email directly and slow down the production process.


Remember to have dedicated customer service advisors for the issues that aren’t listed and to keep information clear. A responsive customer service line with a good telephone manner will help customers stay loyal and keep your business operating at full capacity throughout the pandemic.


Consider professional help

Having professionals on board to help with things like legal processes, employment services and problem-solving solutions will take the pressure out of trading. Knowing that you have a reliable company with a proven track record there to help with any behind the scenes paperwork will mean that you have more time to spend focusing on trading and upgrading your business to the best of its ability. Working with a specialized global organization that has experience in international risk management and has branches across the world, including Argentina, will help to overcome any difficulties you might face whilst trading during a pandemic.

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