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Jan 23 2021
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If you are interested in how insurance works in Germany and you want to find your best option in this country, then you will definitely need to do a lot of research. As you can see here, there are certainly a lot of different options to consider, meaning that you should take your time to do your reading and make the perfect choice. This can certainly be more difficult than you might have expected it.


In case you are a civil servant in Germany, you are automatically protected and insured against unemployment and work place injuries. As part of the pension scheme, you also get nursing care insurance without having to pay any social security contributions. That all sounds rather amazing, doesn’t it? Being protected this way is certainly a huge plus.


Does this, however, mean that you don’t need to think about any kind of private health insurance? Well, that definitely sounds great, but it is unfortunately incorrect. The truth is that you will still need to get yourself private health insurance in order to be fully insured. So, while you are partially automatically protected as a civil servant in Germany, you still need to think about taking care of the other part yourself.


This means that you will need to find your very own private insurance provider to take care of the rest. This can certainly be a difficult task and chances are that you might need some help. And, no, I’m not talking about getting help from your friends and family members. Even though they might have a few tips to share, the simple truth is that you won’t get everything you need from them, since you actually need professional help.

Insurance Brokers

To put things simply, you will need to work with an insurance broker for civil servants, or a “Versicherungsmakler für Beamte” as said in Germany, if you really want to find the best options and the best deals for you. I suppose you do understand why working with these professionals is of utmost importance, so there’s no need for me to dwell on that. After all, these experts have access to providers and deals that you would never have access to, which is only one of the reasons why you should work with them.


Now, if you thought that your decision making process stops here and that you don’t need to make any more choices, then you were definitely wrong. There are actually a lot of insurance brokers you can work with and it is your responsibility to choose and find the perfect one. It should go without saying that you don’t want to work with just anyone and that you want to hire the experts that will do a great job.


Well, you might need some tips on how to find and choose these professionals in Germany, especially if you don’t have any experience working with them before. Lucky for you, I have already prepared some useful tips that could help you out. So, keep on reading to get some info on how to find the right insurance brokers for civil servants in Germany. Let’s get started.


Take Your Time

One of the worst things you can do is rush into a decision like this, because you will most likely end up with some amateurs that don’t know what they are doing. Those amateurs certainly won’t be able to secure you those amazing deals that you are searching for. Do yourself a favor and take all the time necessary to do proper research about these brokers before making your final decision and choosing the person you want to work with.


Get Some Recommendations

If you happen to know any other civil servant in Germany, and you probably do, then you will definitely have an upper hand here. In other words, those people might be able to give you a few recommendations regarding these brokers, since they might have already used these services in the past. Getting some suggestions from these people is definitely a good idea, since you will get some first-hand information regarding the insurance you need.

Here’s some more info about insurance in Germany: https://www.en.uni-muenchen.de/scholars/services/gateway/insurances/index.html#:~:text=As%20a%20civil%20servant%20in,costs%20for%20private%20health%20insurance.

Insurance Brokers 2

Do Online Research

While talking to these people is definitely a good option, the truth is that you shouldn’t immediately rush into contacting the brokers that they recommend. It’s not that they won’t give you good suggestions. It’s simply that they might not be aware of all the options that you have, meaning that you might miss out on some great experts if you don’t do your own research.


Fortunately, you will be able to do all the research online. So, type in the words “Versicherungsmakler für Beamte” in your browser and take a look at the results you get. Open up the websites of different professionals and have a closer look at the exact services that they are offering. This way, you will be able to add some amazing candidates to your list of potential brokers. Of course, you’ll then need to narrow down the list.


Read Reviews

If you are wondering how you can narrow down the list, here’s your answer. Go online and search for reviews that some previous clients might have written about certain insurance brokers. This way, you will get to see whether those clients were actually satisfied with the services they received, which will certainly help you determine how reputable specific brokers are. You will be able to easily find these reviews online, just as long as you do your searches the right way.


Now, if you find that a lot of people are complaining about certain brokers and that their complaints are objective, factual and justifiable, you should avoid working with those specific brokers. There are definitely a lot of amazing insurance experts in Germany, so there is absolutely no need for you to settle for less than amazing. So, read those reviews in order to find highly reputable and qualified brokers to do this job for you.

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