Fake News Blogger Raja Petra “Kowtow” To Billionaire Jack Ma – Removes Article After Lawsuit Threat

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Mar 29 2019
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Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), the owner of the Malaysia Today portal, has immediately removed an article titled “Jack Ma slaps Pakatan Harapan” upon receiving an official letter to cease and desist from Alibaba Group. The letter bearing Alibaba letterhead and dated March 28, 2019, was signed by Albert Liu, VP and Deputy General Counsel of the billion-dollar company.


According to the letter, the fugitive who currently residing in Manchester, England, has been accused of  lying and defaming its chairman Jack Ma over a non-existent meeting between the billionaire and Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng and his special adviser Tony Pua in Hong Kong. RPK was given until April 1 to respond, but the blogger had wasted no time in removing the article.


RPK, a well-known blogger who was also a mercenary of disgraced former Prime Minister Najib Razak, was threatened with legal action after he falsely claimed that Chinese billionaire Ma, whose net worth is at a staggering US$38.6 billion (Forbes), told Mr. Lim and Mr. Pua that China no longer trusts Malaysia because the government was said to not honour agreements.

Alibaba Lawsuit Letter To Raja Petra Kamarudin RPK - Malaysia Today

The fugitive blogger wrote – “I have taken down that article and promise never to repeat that story.” But the defiant RPK refused to kowtow to the Chinese billionaire without some spins and twists to claim credits. Raja Petra claimed to be honoured that Jack Ma had written to him, the second tycoon to do so after Robert Kuok – proving that he is too relevant that powerful people care about what he writes.


Sure, how difficult it is to defame and lie about powerful people and get letters of lawsuit. Try to write about British Prime Minister Theresa May bribing Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel or French President Emmanuel Macron and see whether you can still live happily in Manchester.


Interestingly, RPK lectured Jack Ma that if the lawsuit goes to the court, the Chinese billionaire will need to prove he did not have any meeting with Lim Guan Eng and Tony Pua. But the blogger, who alleged the meeting took place, need not prove anything. Yet, Raja Petra had chosen to chicken out and retracts his article anyway.

Alibaba Jack Ma - Raja Petra Kamarudin RPK - Lawsuit Letter

Of course, this is not the first time the notorious blogger had written fake stories about the rich and powerful, and retracted his articles after being slapped with threats of lawsuits. As mercenary of Najib Razak, RPK was engaged last year, about three months before the May general election to tarnish the reputation of Robert Kuok, Malaysia’s richest man.


Billionaire Kuok, whose current net worth is US$13.2 billion, was accused of trying to overthrow the Najib government, an act of treason and a serious threat to the national security. The tycoon was accused, without proof, of funding, then-opposition DAP (Democratic Action Party) in an effort to provoke racial conflicts between the ethnic Chinese and Malays in the country.


Nazri Aziz, former Tourism and Culture Minister, was also roped in to attack the 94-year-old Kuok. Nazri had challenged the “Sugar King” Kuok to contest in the coming general election. Mr. Nazri, known for this thuggish behaviour and poor upbringing, also called the Hong Kong-based tycoon a “coward with no testicles” – even demanded Kuok to surrender his Malaysian citizenship.

Robert Kuok Hock Nien

Najib Razak, then prime minister, had condemned Robert Kuok of being ungrateful for allegedly funding the opposition, arguing that it was the government who gave the billionaire the concession to trade sugar in the country. Hence, based on Najib’s logic, Kuok must be forever be the slave of UMNO Malay nationalist party.


Amusingly, it would take a simple lawsuit from Kuok to silence the despicable trio Najib, Nazri and Raja Petra. The threat of the lawsuit saw RPK obediently removed three articles from his portal, Malaysia Today, in March 2018. It’s both breathtaking and entertaining to read how RPK bragged that powerful Chinese tycoons care about what he writes.


With planeloads of money, both Jack Ma and Robert Kuok could hire truckloads of Queen’s Counsel in UK to sue and bankrupt Raja Petra Kamarudin. If RPK dared not even fight Robert Kuok in a Malaysian Kangaroo (or British) court when Najib still walks the corridors of power, what chances are there to fight a billionaire three times richer like Jack Ma in a British court?

Raja Petra Kamarudin - Make Money Blogging from UK - swimming pool

Last October, the same RPK was forced to eat humble pie after he mocked and insulted the sacred headgear of the Sikh community. He was shocked and terrified at the retaliation shown by the minority community in Britain, after the blogger launched his racist remark regarding their “turban” in an article published on Sept 26 – entitled “Amar Singh’s Turban Must Be Too Tight”.


The long and short of the article suggested that Mr. Amar, then the federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) Director Commissioner, couldn’t think straight because the blood didn’t flow to the brain, an insult and ridicule that aren’t only “racist” but a declaration of war against the entire Sikh community.


Raja Petra’s article, written to defend Najib Razak after the seizure of RM117 million cash together with RM1 billion worth of 12,000 pieces of jewellery in the former premier’s children luxury condominium, also suggested that the Singhs were untrustworthy – accusing that Amar Singh was as treacherous as Gandhi’s bodyguards.

Pavilion Residences - Police Raid Najib and Rosmah Resident- Commercial Crime Investigation Department CCID Director Amar Singh

In his apology article to the Sikh community, Raja Petra admitted that police reports, not to mention threats, had been made against him. Of course, to save face, he wrote – “I was told a Sikh’s turban is a very sacred item and they do not take too kindly to anyone making fun of it. For that I would like to sincerely apologise.”


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This idiot will rot in hell. Guaranteed.

“… if the lawsuit goes to the court, the Chinese billionaire will need to prove he did not have any meeting with Lim Guan Eng and Tony Pua. But the blogger, who alleged the meeting took place, need not prove anything.”

To the contrary, it is RPK as the author of the article who has to prove that what was written and alleged in his article is indeed true, not the other way around. Also, it is logically impossible to prove the negative.

Nah mate, you got it all wrong.

That article wasn’t written by RPK, you see, but it was written by a definitely-not-mythical and totally real human being by the name of Julian Khoo.

Who I have been informed reliably is a definite person, and totally not a figment of RPK’s vivid imagination. You have my word on this!

I guess NaJib and Gang is still supplying the idiot with moolah in order for him to continue to spinning more fantastic tales.
I wish Jack Ma would really “take care” of him and the gang once and for all.
Then there will be peace and progress for malaysia.

I am waiting for this bastard,’s return to Malaysia so that I can try out my hacker concrete breaker hammer could be tried into his arse hole

Have to say I don’t agree with RPK most of the time (esp his chickensh*t anti-Chinese crap), but I gotta take my hat off to him for his support of Julian Assange.

But that would be a subject beyond the small-minded small minds of our intelligence-free monkeys.

“… I am waiting for this bastard,’s return to Malaysia so that I can try out my hacker concrete breaker hammer… ”

You can actually fly out to Manchester (that’s Britain) to do that.

Are you a Malaysia-qualified doctor by any chance?

Or a self-qualified doctor with degree bought on the internet?

You think like a kampong Malaysian “doctor” (also called “bomoh”), you can also be a politician if you have a bogus degree.

Try not to spend time or waste energy nursing hate and finding the wrong things to do with your “hacker concrete breaker hammer”, like most weird funny Malaysian who would not get off his spine doing anything when an old limping RPK shows at the front door, we know it is all noise, no substance, and definitely no action.

What’s more, your “hacker concrete breaker hammer” is most likely a cheap Made-in-Thailand “BoschKu”, falls apart when you press the trigger, that only kiasu Malaysians would buy.

A few sentences to demolish RPK would be enough, try get the skill to write like him would be what you should do.

RPK is a fragile old man, he may not live to his 90s to destroy Malaysia like our other tottering zombies, he may not be around long enough for you to use your one-use one-time Bangladeshi construction worker gadget.

And it might be too late for you to return “BoschKu” to the shop, exchange that for a bunch of baby dummy soothers more suited you.

RPK only writes, he does not posture with any concrete fetish apparatus. I am sure he won’t sleep with any “hacker concrete breaker hammer”, Thai or Malaysian.

He is no threat to no one, hitting him back with a few able sentences would be quite adequate, that’s shows more your brain than your Bangladeshi construction worker prowess.

If you write well, RPK bans you from his website. That’s what happened to me, and to my friends who wrote well. We can get up his nose and even rear end better than a hundred of your kind with all your “BoschKus”.

Using your Thai toy on him would be like a Malaysian genius using a hammer to kill a mosquito…

For that China sells a lot of those use-for-three-days mosquito zappers, fry mosquitoes while and if they work… shows you Malaysians are even useless at killing mosquitoes, China has to help them with not using any Thai “hacker concrete breaker hammer”…

… have also to say RPK writes what he wants to write.

He doesn’t appear to be overwhelmed by the “rich and powerful”.

Can’t say that for those Malaysian politicians, “journalists”, peasants and coolies who grovel and kiss between the toes of the “rich and powerful”.

Some may even take handouts from those “rich and powerful”, just look at how fast our rubbish politicians come out to defend a rich Malaysian when RPK was naughty with his free speech.

Do you see fast our politicians come up to defend poor Malaysians when it comes to cost of living, housing, petrol cost, etc etc etc?

And why not become alive when it comes to our majority poor?

The only difference is having lots of money, and then you get all the ars*lcikers and all the rapid attention!

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