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Shooting Own Foot!! – Prime-Minister-In-Waiting Anwar With “Heavenly King” Gangster At Dinner Table

There ain’t such thing as a free lunch, let alone a free dinner. But prime-minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim refuses to listen to the Election Commission, let alone a NGO such as Bersih 2.0. Instead, Mr. Anwar had whacked and threatened both not to go overboard in shackling him, arguing there was nothing wrong with free concert, […]

... written on Oct 12 2018

Dow Crashes 832!! – “Geopolitical Recession” Is Here & U.S. World Order Is Ending Under Trump

Overnight Dow Jones futures indicated that the Dow will open Thursday market down by 377.74 points. That means the stock markets around the world will continue to plunge after the DJIA closed 831.83 lower on Wednesday. That’s the third biggest stock market plunges this year, after February 5 (1,175-point drop) and February 8 (1,033-point drop). […]

... written on Oct 11 2018

Replenish Coffers – Launch Corruption Crackdown On All BN Corrupt Politicians, Not New Taxes

The honeymoon is over and the reality is about to kick in. Malaysia is still in deep shit after 61 years under previous corrupt Barisan Nasional (BN) government. And thanks to ex-premier Najib Razak, the country has accumulated RM1 trillion of debts. That debt holes, unfortunately, needs to be filled by none other than 33-million […]

... written on Oct 10 2018

Greedy Telcos Continue To Hoodwink Government & Consumers On Lower Internet Prices

The local telecommunication companies appear to be upset with the new government’s noble plan to provide more affordable entry-level plans for Internet access. For as long as one can remember, the greedy telcos have been milking consumers with pathetic packages – highest price for lowest speed possible – until the spectacular collapse of Barisan Nasional […]

... written on Oct 09 2018

Saudi Crown Prince A Monster? – Journalist Khashoggi Brutally Tortured, Killed & Cut Into Pieces

Saudi Arabia was the source of the world’s extremism. That’s an understatement. In fact, the oil-rich kingdom was the biggest sponsor and supplier of terrorists. Its extremism policy gave birth to terror groups such as al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS), among others, as Muslims were being radicalized as Islamic terrorists or jihadists at an alarming […]

... written on Oct 08 2018

Here’s Why Mahathir’s Plan To Break Tradition In Port Dickson Is A Double-Edged Sword

Anwar Ibrahim has been campaigning so hard as if his life depends on it. There’s little doubt that the prime-minister-in-waiting will definitely win the by-election engineered by his camp to get him ready for the ultimate throne. However, as the iconic figure, his headache isn’t about winning but rather – to win the Port Dickson […]

... written on Oct 07 2018

One Big Family Of Crooks – Nooryana Najib Should Be Grateful She & Hubby Daniyar Are Spared … For Now

Nooryana Najwa Najib – the “triple-N” – has criticised authorities for arresting her mother Rosmah Mansor, the beloved wife of former premier Najib Razak. It is only natural for a daughter to stand by her mother, especially after the mother splashed unthinkable wealth for her little princess. Born with a silver spoon, Nooryana hasn’t been […]

... written on Oct 05 2018

From Heroine To Villain – China’s Highest Paid Actress Fan Bingbing Slapped With $129 Million Tax Fine

Yesterday (October 3rd), there was two very powerful women in Asia who stole the world’s attention. One in China whilst another in Malaysia. One is absolutely gorgeous while the other incredible ugly. One used to be China’s highest-paid actress while the other was Malaysia’s most-powerful woman who walked the corridors of power.   However, both […]

... written on Oct 04 2018

This Photo Shows How A China Warship & A US Destroyer Almost Collided – And Sparks A War

Long before the trade war exploded between China and the United States, both superpowers have already engaged in military conflicts, thanks to tensions in the South China Sea. The current trade war only makes the military tensions in the region worse. As usual, the military superpower U.S. repeatedly sends its destroyers to poke the Chinese. […]

... written on Oct 03 2018

Singh Is King – Shocked & Terrified By Sikhs’ Retaliation, RPK Apologises After Insulted Their “Turban”

If you think the Sikh community is easy meat and you can insult their sacred headgear while hiding behind the British law, you are digging your own grave. Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), the owner of Malaysia Today portal, has found out that unlike the minority Chinese community whom he has been insulting and mocking, the […]

... written on Oct 02 2018

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