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Cash Is King – Johor Crown Prince Splashed Over RM1 Million To Charm Shoppers After His Screw-Up

Call it redemption or whatever you like. Taking a page from Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, the Crown Prince of Johor – Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim – shows the meaning of “Cash is King”. Splashing over a million ringgit, the prince received rounds of applause by shoppers at Aeon Mall supermarket in Tebrau City, Johor. […]

... written on Apr 12 2018

US-Led Coalition Is About To Strike Syria, And Putin Risks Losing Face If He Doesn’t Retaliate

Trump has finally struck Putin where it hurts the most. On Friday (April 6), the powerful U.S. Treasury Department slapped sanctions against Russia. As a result, 7 Russian oligarchs, 12 businesses and 17 government officials were put on the Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list. Effectively, all their U.S. assets have been frozen.   The […]

... written on Apr 11 2018

Vanuatu Military Base – Australia Panic As China Secretly Militarizing Its Backyard

China currently has just one overseas military base – in the African country of Djibouti. In comparison, United States has 38 “named bases” while maintaining 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad. But soon, China might have its second overseas military base, if the plan goes according to the scripts.   As the […]

... written on Apr 10 2018

Choose “Shit-Grabber” Najib Over “Forked-Tongue” Mahathir – Money Talks, Eh, Johor Crown Prince?

The Sultanate of Johor had built a good reputation as the defender of the ordinary people. There was a time when no institution in Malaysia dared to stand up to the country’s crooked prime minister – Najib Razak – after he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar – a whopping US$681 million […]

... written on Apr 09 2018

This Chart Shows Where The Super-Rich Prefers To Live Around The World

Forbes, in its 32nd annual ranking recently showed there are now a record 2,208 billionaires in the world – up from 2,043 in 2017. On average, each of these billionaires possesses a mind-boggling US$4.1 billion. And if you combine the net worth of these 2,208 billionaires, their fortune was in the region of trillions, not […]

... written on Apr 08 2018

Najib’s Final Gamble – His Cheating, Bullying & Suppression May Backfire Spectacularly

Najib Razak has finally found the guts to dissolve the Malaysian Parliament, effective today (Saturday, 7th April 2018). What he needs to do now is to keep his fingers crossed and hopes his lucky number – 11 – will bring victory to him. Perhaps that’s the only reason why he didn’t announce the dissolution yesterday, […]

... written on Apr 07 2018

Can’t Lose Face – Trump Wants Extra $100 Billion Tariffs After China’s Retaliation, But Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

Calling it “unfair retaliation”, President Donald Trump announced he has instructed the United States Trade Representative to consider US$100 billion in additional tariffs against China. Trump’s latest action is in addition to the 25% tariff on 1,333 Chinese products worth US$50 billion. This means the U.S. is targeting a combined US$150 billion tariffs on China products. […]

... written on Apr 07 2018

The Unbelievable Tales About An UMNO Warlord Caught With Spiked Nescafe At De Vegas Nightclub

Business or pleasure, Club De Vegas stands out as a karaoke lounge renowned for its sumptuous surroundings and legendary service. That’s the marketing speech from Club De Vegas, the most prestigious and most expensive private club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But this isn’t any ordinary karaoke lounge where fried rice and free drinks are given […]

... written on Apr 06 2018

China Strikes Back! – Trump’s Tweet Could Mean The Trade War Is Over Before It Even Began

Less than 24 hours after President Donald Trump unveiled a list of Chinese imports that his administration aims to target, China strikes back with its own tariffs on U.S. products. Trump’s US$50 billion tariffs in Chinese imports cover a staggering 1,300 categories of products, arguably the most aggressive trade war against the Chinese.   The slap of 25% […]

... written on Apr 05 2018

Sweden Suddenly Realizes Their Quest For Cashless Society Could Be A Dumb Move

If there’s a competition for cashless society, Sweden will most likely win the Olympic gold medal hands down, follows by Norway and Denmark. The Scandinavia is the most cashless place on planet Earth. Obviously, they don’t believe cash is king. Instead, they believe cash is horrible and should be banned. Yes, they were so proud […]

... written on Apr 04 2018

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