China’s Tactic Works! – North Korea Chickens Out, Calls Off Guam Missile Attack

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Aug 15 2017
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Kim Jong-un has backed off from firing at least 4 missiles on Guam, an attempt to supposedly surround the U.S. territory with “fire”. Nobody believed the dictator would follow through with his threat in the first place though. But it was a relief; with some American news media celebrate the cancellation as a victory to Trump administration. Donald Trump’s tough talk appears to be working.


Well, if the “temporary back off” from North Korea could provide the much needed space so that both Trump and Kim could cool off, it doesn’t matter if Trump claims the victory. The fact is the hermit kingdom has warned that it could change its mind “if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions.” And that speaks volumes that the threat is not over.


Now that Kim has taken a step back, the world will see if Trump would continue provoking the situation further. Make no mistake about the U-turn made by North Korea. It weren’t Trump’s tweets about engulfing North Korea in “fire and fury” or the U.S. military “locked and loaded” that had forced Mr. Kim to think twice about striking Guam. It was all because of China.

North Korea Missile Threat On Guam - Map

Four days ago, state-run Global Times issued a warning – “If North Korea launches missiles that threaten U.S. soil first and the U.S. retaliates, China will stay neutral. If the U.S. and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so.”


Yes, it was Beijing’s threat to Pyongyang that they would be on their own if the hermit kingdom fires the first missile on American soil that has finally stopped Kim – for now. As Trump’s popularity plunges like a rock in his own homeland, the U.S. president might be forced to strike North Korea just to divert attention. That’s the SOP of every single U.S. president whenever they face domestic issue.


Of course, China would then have to make good of its promise to defend the naughty troublemaker Kim Jong-un. But war is a very expensive and lengthy affair which the Chinese, a pragmatic race who would rather “make money” than “make war”, would avoid – if possible. To ensure Pyongyang gets the message, Beijing will stop importing coal, iron ore, seafood and other goods from North Korea – effective 5 September.

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un’s Nuclear Threat

Now that China has finally proven to the U.S. that the North Korea could be controlled after all, contrary to what many think, America would depend more on China as far as North Korea is concerned. The fact that Kim Jong-un didn’t promise to stop its nuclear weapon program entirely means the threat on the Yankees is still there.


Perhaps Kim could take the “time out” to further perfect his missile and nuclear weapon arsenal. Either way, the rogue Kim has been tamed and this is a useful carrot which Beijing could use on Washington at a later stage. After all, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis both insisted the Trump administration is not seeking regime change in North Korea.


In order not to look indebted to China, President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive memorandum authorizing Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative, to determine whether there should be an investigation of China’s IP (intellectual property) practices. Seriously, at this stage, does America still need any investigation of China’s theft of IP?

President Donald Trump Meets President Xi Jinping - Smile and Unhappy Faces

Until such day Trump administration slaps China with Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, Beijing calls the shot and continues to get the incentives for controlling fat boy Kim Jong-un. There’s little doubt that China has leverage over the U.S. But it’s perfectly okay to let Trump acts as if he has the leverage on China because at the end of the day, it would be the Chinese who make the most money.


It was a small price to pay. China had voted alongside the U.S. slapping the toughest economic sanctions against North Korea. Beijing had warned North Korea that they would be doomed if acted alone and fired the first missile on Guam. The Middle Kingdom has also decided to stop importing coal, iron ore, seafood and other goods from North Korea – effective 5 September.


Those steps, which didn’t cost the Chinese significant amount of money, were perhaps some of the most brilliant political and commercial moves by Beijing. And the steps successfully eliminate the fear of a Second Korean War, or even a First Nuclear War, something which Trump administration doesn’t want too as it would involve casualties on American lives.

North Korea Kim Jong-un - With Binoculars Laughing

As long as Dictator Kim Jong-un is not pushed into a corner, he would not bite and can be brought to negotiation table. By Tillerson’s admission, while North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may be a ruthless and even murderous dictator, he is not mentally insane. And he’s certainly would not kill in the name of religion, unlike certain radicals of certain religion.


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Pure bullshite article. the Chinese would never abandon N korea trump turned the diplomatic screw on china and kim realized he would be wiped out and is a cowardly fat little dicktator.

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