Secrets Revealed – TIPS To Get A Free First Class Flight Upgrade

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Oct 07 2014
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Everyone likes to get more with less, including flying in style with luxury. But how many of us can actually afford to pay thousands or tens of thousands to be, or at least to be seen as the elite travelling on business class? There’re many great stories about average Joes and Janes who got upgraded from their economy class. But the numbers of those lucky devils were too small that the chances of hitting a jackpot at Las Vegas is higher.


Still, it doesn’t hurt to try all the small tips here and there in order to increase your chances of a free upgrade. For example, fewer business travellers fly on weekends so it might just increase your chances, if you fly during this period. And since it would be easier to upgrade a single person than a group of travellers, it’s always wise to book your flights individually. Also, try to differentiate yourself from other passengers by awarding yourself a VIP status, such as Doctor or Professor as your title during the booking.

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Of course, airlines love loyal customers so you stand a better chance if you book your flights with frequent flyer points. That’s the only way to demonstrate your loyalty. And do you need to remind you to dress as if you’re on your way for a multi-billion dollar deal signing ceremony? Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, wearing a hoodie will not help you in whatever way for a free upgrade.


Sure, we despise corruption, but a small “friendly bribery” in the form of a box of chocolate will always help flight attendants to differentiate you from the rest of the “average” passengers. Even if your lucky star doesn’t appear, you’ll still get first class service in the economy class. And always hint or tell the airlines’ staffs know that you’re celebrating some sort of anniversary – just cook up a damn good story (*grin*). Here’s an infographic tips about how to get first class upgrade.

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