Sex Tape Scandal – It’s All About Sarawak Election

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Mar 24 2011
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If there’s one country in the world where you can enjoy sex scandals particularly involving politicians, that country is Malaysia. And if there’s one politician who can do sex like a rabbit, that politician is definitely the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, at least that was what revealed by a mysterious “Datuk T” after he dropped a bombshell with a 21-minute sex video showing a man that looked like Anwar romping in various sexual positions with a female prostitute of East Asian descent.

Malaysia is indeed a country made in heaven where politics, corruption, power and sex do mix very well together. You can literally plunder the country while bonking and even murder your sex partner if you like simply because the police will not do anything – provided you’re aligned with the federal government. You have the international submarines corruption and Altantuya Shaariibuu sex-and-murder scandal involving Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor.

Carcosa Seri Negara

The luxury Carcosa Seri Negara Hotel where journalists were viewing the sex video

Then the sex tape involving Chua Soi Lek, president of MCA, a component party forming the federal government. Now, you have the latest sex tape scandal targeting Anwar Ibrahim. Currently fighting for his survival with Part II of sodomy charges, Anwar is now being made even busier with the latest sex tape scandal. Too bad Anwar is on the opposition front otherwise he would be worshipped (by colleagues Ministers) like a Sex-God for his prowess in bonking both male and females *grin*.

The 21-minute sex video showed a man looking like Anwar, the woman and another unidentified man sitting in a hotel room. The look-alike Anwar was receiving oral sex from the woman and then having sexual intercourse with her in several positions in the tape. If a person who suffers from back-pain incurred during a 6-year imprisonment on sodomy charges pressed by former premier Mahathir Mohamad in 1998 can still bonk crazily like a rabbit, then he must be a Sex-God *grin*.

Tamby Chik and Shazryl Eskay Abdullah

Shazryl Eskay Abdullah (left) and Tamby Chik (right) - Datuk T

People were curious as to who was the mysterious and powerful “Datuk T”? Rumour mill was churning hard that “Datuk T” is Tamby Chik, the former Malacca Chief Minister. Rahim Tamby Chik or famously called Tamby Chik was a staunch supporter of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad. Tamby Chik’s politic short-lived in 1994 after he was charged for the statutory rape of a 15-year old schoolgirl. Strangely, the public prosecutor mysteriously withdrew the (rape) charges against Tamby Chik but when (opposition) DAP leader Lim Guan Eng protested on behalf of the rape victim, he was arrested and jailed 18 months for sedition.

The booking at Carcosa Negara Hotel was said to have made by RISDA’s Kamarul Lail. RISDA’s chairman is none other than Tamby Chik. At a latest press conference today the mystery surrounding “Datuk T” was revealed. Datuk T appears to be an alias for “Datuk Trio” and not “Datuk Tamby”. The trio consists of Rahim Tamby Chik, former honorary consul to Thailand, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Perkasa treasurer-general and ex-senator Shuib Lazim.

Shazryl Eskay Abdullah

Shazryl Eskay Abdullah - said to have a distinct facial resemblance to Anwar Ibrahim so could he be the actual actor instead?

Interestingly Shazryl Eskay is said to have a distinct facial resemblance to Anwar Ibrahim thus sparking another rumour that the actor in the sex tape was actually Shazryl Eskay himself. Eskay is currently suing Merong Mahawangsa Sdn Bhd for non-payment of  a RM20 million “lobbying fee” on the famous crooked bridge, a project which was scrapped by former PM Abdullah Badawi that angered former PM Mahathir because it was his pet project.

Earlier PKR Sungei Patani MP Johari Abdul told the media that he met Shazryl and Rahim Tamby Chik at the Flamingo Hotel in Ampang on Monday afternoon and was shown the video. He claimed after it was over, both Shazryl and Rahim tried to entice him and other PKR MPs to defect. However in the latest press conference, Datuk Trio claimed otherwise that Johari demanded RM100,000 “grease money” and additional RM1 million for each (opposition) Pakatan MP he would bring to watch the video.

Just like the sodomy part I and part II, the latest sex tape revelation was perceived as another BN (current federal government) “sex trap”. The fact that a man with his face half covered can actually summon the top journalists in town to watch a sex movie at the luxury Carcosa Negara Hotel, speaks volume about his power. Security was unusually tight and the manner in which reporters were shuffled in for separate screenings sparked suspicion that people with Special Branch training were involved.

London Protest Sarawak

Protesters at London protesting against Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud

Obviously the main objective was to distract the opposition from the Sarawak state polls after the state Parliament was dissolved on Monday. The Sarawak polls result will determine if the opposition will strike gold in forming the next federal government. Every Tom, Dick and his dog knows that whoever can bring down opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim would be rewarded handsomely. Only with Anwar out of political scene can current federal government led by UMNO continues with the plundering of nation’s unlimited wealth.

Without Anwar leading the opposition pact, the next general election which could be held immediately if Sarawak wins big, would be a smooth sailing for Najib’s administration. So it’s no brainer that Tamby Chik would want to board the gravy train once again. Surely former PM Mahathir had played his role in bringing back all the veteran “actors” from sodomy Part I with the appearance of Tamby Chik and Umi Hafilda. But this is not the only plot to create havoc within the opposition parties.

Taib Mahmud

Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud of 30-years - KL is ready to sacrifice him for SNAP?

Already there’s evidence revealed by Sarawak Report that a secret deal has been forged between BN in KL with SNAP in Sarawak. Sarawak is so important to BN so much so that money was the last thing that worry BN and SNAP is now enriched with money. Apparently the game plan was to split the opposition and ensure a three-way contest in every Sarawak seat. It was a clever plan for SNAP disguising as an local anti-Taib opposition party. After winning their seats, all the SNAP candidates would jump ship.

Sarawak Election

Whoever wins Sarawak gets to form the next federal government

SNAP, it appears, would be BN’s new nominee because the writing is on the wall that the current Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is a liability and should be get rid of. It’s a win-win strategy for BN – if Taib Mahmud could deliver, BN is happy but if SNAP wins and switch sides thereafter, so much the better. And the person who is overseeing this plot is none other than Leo Moggie, an Iban based in KL who served under former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

The sex tape targeting Anwar Ibrahim would do little damage to split the opposition pact in Peninsular Malaysia. It was plotted to ensure Anwar is fully occupied with sex scandals so much so that he couldn’t care much about Sarawak, a state in East Malaysia. If you think the latest sex tape scandal is explosive enough, just wait till you see the aftermath of Sarawak state election.

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Looks like some politicians in Malaysia have become porn makers. Don’t they know porn reduces the mind, degrades the self and deflates the spirit. Apakah mereka ini tidak sedar betapa besarnya dosa mereka ini?

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