Photo Galleries: The Day After Japan’s Tsunami

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Mar 15 2011
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Japan’s stunning earthquake may be over but there’re reports that smaller scale of magnitude-7 aftershock may be coming. A magnitude 7 quake is capable of destroying buildings and triggering tsunamis. Japan Prime Minister was certainly right to say that the country is facing its worst crisis since World War II as it tackles the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami and struggles to avert a growing nuclear crisis.

Millions of people remain without power and about 310,000 people have been evacuated to emergency shelters. The number of troops helping with rescue work has been doubled to 100,000. They will be joined by 250,000 police officers and international rescue teams. The crisis has just begun.

Meanwhile, click on the thumbnails below to view some of the stunning photos after the disastrous Super Earthquake that triggered the deadly tsunami.



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[…] Photo Galleries: The Day After Japan’s Tsunami […]

[…] Photo Galleries: The Day After Japan’s Tsunami […]

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