Ong to Exit – 1Corruption, Together We Prosper

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Dec 08 2009
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It’s easier to move a mountain than to change a person’s character – goes a Chinese saying. By the same logic, it is definitely many times harder to change the Malaysian ruling government’s policy of worshipping corruption. Whatever the result from the PKFZ multi-billion scandal, you can kiss your money (yes, part of the billions of dollars belong to you) goodbye simply because you won’t be able to see it again. And you can bet your last dollar that MCA Pesident Ong Tee Kiat would see his political career ends very soon.

If the government-control’s print and electronic coverage on three fighting factions is anything to goes by, you can actually smell that Ong Tee Kiat will be history while “sex actor” Chua Soi Lek and betrayal Liow Tiong Lai would most likely win this battle. Liow and Chua were given wide media coverage even before Ong’s sudden illness. From the beginning Ong Tee Kiat’s fate was written on the wall after his disclosure of PKFZ scandal. To pick a fight with politicians, new and veterans, who are flush with monies (from the scandal) is tantamount to poking Mike Tyson’s butt while laughing like Phua Chu Kang.

Phua Chu Kang Mike Tyson

The ball is at Chua Soi Lek’s court now that he still commands huge supporters which in turns made him the kingmaker in this political comedy, sex scandal or not. Given a choice, Najib’s administration would prefer Chua than Ong to lead the ailing party simply because Chua is flexible to be nose pulled anywhere UMNO likes. But can a person who was caught with his pant down in sex-scandal become MCA President? If a person who was allegedly murdered a pregnant lady can become the Prime Minister, Chua’s sex scandal can be equate to a 2-year-old kid caught putting his hand in the jar stealing cookies so it’s perfectly fine.

Would it be better to have Liow as the new President with Chua as his running mate? Possible, but it would be too obvious on how the ruling government, present and the past tainted leaders, brokered and endorsed the plan in bringing Ong’s presidency down due to PKFZ scandal exposure. Either Liow or Chua becomes the new MCA president is fine with UMNO but definitely not the loose cannon Ong. On paper, Chua as President warming up the seat for Liow to take over looks like a good plan. Najib may wish to project himself as independent and to tell the Chinese that UMNO does not interfere in MCA’s internal affair but he did so through his deputy, Muhyddin, who openly support a new party poll, something which Liow has been fighting for.

Of course Ong’s sudden illness was insurance, just in case he officially instructed to pack his things. The standard way of telling someone you’re fired in Malaysian politics is to tell him to pretend he has health problem. But what does this tell of Najib’s administration about the corruption which always breaks the world corruption index record? Who cares? If former PM Mahathir who was allegedly squandered RM100 billion away during his 22-year-old iron-fist rule is still treated as a statesman, to hell with those criticisms about escalating corruption. Corruption is here to stay and has been part of the culture. If you’re not happy with it then you can migrate to other countries because the country only cares about losing brains of those who do not corrupt, otherwise voters won’t vote them in *grin*.

If everything goes according to the plan, UMNO together with MCA may set a new direction for the future leaders. Besides endorsing corruption, you would see more and more leaders such as Youth Chief Wee Ka Siong and Wanita Chief Chew Mei Fun who openly cried like a baby without shame the moment they were removed from MCA Presidential Council. Can you imagine what these two persons would do the moment they loose their current deputy ministry-ship? Guess the sight of losing all the perks and potential huge incomes are too much to bear for the politicians manufactured from Mahathirism’s built- factory.

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cannon after the horse…in mandarin means it means the writeup is simply 马后炮。。。

Don't expect the so crisis in MCA to die down soon.Do you expect Chua to partner Liow,who was one of the "director" in the sex video drama?Deep down in the heart of most chinese would prefer OTK.

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