Unloaded AAPL with 200% Profit

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Sep 16 2009
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It’s been many moons since I last publish my profit. It’s definitely not easy to score 3-digits percentage profit and with the expiration about two days away, AAPL has been kind to me. The stock jumped a whopping $7 bucks a share prompting me to unload with profit well above 200%. With Dow Jones approaching 10,000 and Apple breaching $180 a share there’s no reason I shouldn’t dump it, not that I’ve any option since the expiration is two days away.

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AAPL is common share right? why is there an expiry date? im new to share… still learning.

I wish to start learning trading stocks.. Is 30 too late an age to start learning? Kindly give a few guides eg. reference books/sites.. software used.. at the moment, I invest in Unit Trusts and PNB funds but found too slow for me.many thanks bro..

u quite BAD, by the times u asking ppl dont do in…and instead u alrd put lot so option…y not u share ur investment portfolio to us….it all on our justment too to in or not…just the negatif writing u posted for past yrs…shit…thanks alot…

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