Hail the new King – Najib the Great and his Knights

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Mar 27 2009
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UMNO’s political landscape is more or less stabilized. Now that the 59th UMNO general assembly is ending, never mind the current UMNO was actually registered (and should be known) as UMNO Baru (new UMNO) in 1988 after the original UMNO was declared an unlawful society, the new teams comprising mostly Najib Razak’s men are ready to take orders from their new commander. Former PM Mahathir, whose Team-A was fighting tooth and nail with Team-B led by Razaleigh Hamzah back in 1987 for the then UMNO Presidency was the actual founder of this UMNO-Baru. It was a sad moment that Mahathir did a U-Turn to give this round of UMNO opening another skip after promised to turn up, most likely because his son Mukhriz secured the last place behind Khairi (Mahathir most-hated new kid on the block) and Khir Toyo.

Like it or not Khairi, the son-in-law of outgoing PM Abdullah Badawi, is perhaps the best man compared to Mukhriz Mahathir and Khir Toyo. Mukhriz is still raw who’s living under his father’s shadow. He’s still an infant, politically speaking. Without the powerful “Mahathir” word attached to his name Mukhriz may not even qualified for the final round of the competition, let alone securing the 232-votes. Khir Toyo was tainted with corruption allegations so it would be equally disastrous if this man were to win the UMNO Youth Chief post. Khairi may not be an angel and was known for his monkey-remarks and his link to Mat-Rempits, not to mention his rebellious and bad-boy image, but he’s flexible (or rather snaky) enough to adapt to political climate in order to survive. And this guy will survive post-Badawi’s exit. Furthermore it makes perfect sense to have a new chief who does not belong to Najib’s camp otherwise it won’t be fun to have another yes-man who always yell Najib’s fart smells as good as Kentucky Fried Chicken and it’s finger lickin’ good too.

Badawi Najib DivorceOkay, since it is Friday today let’s get serious and don’t take this with a pinch of salt. Contrary to what many think and perceive, Najib Razak is actually the best person to walk the corridors of power. Get real, who else is fit enough to be the captain of UMNO if not Najib? Even the so-called Father of Modernization, Mahathir Mohamad, acknowledged his preferred choice was Najib and not Abdullah Badawi. Mahathir admitted his mistake and he’s still kicking himself till today for such a silly mistake but then it could be because Abdullah Badawi used voodoo on Mahathir. The premiership is long overdue and Najib has wasted 6-golden year under Abdullah Badawi’s incompetency, not to mention the embarrassment having to explain to VVIP why the PM dozed off 99% of the time during official functions. Can you imagine the wonders Najib could bring to the country in all those 6 years?

Heck, if not because of Badawi’s voodoo Najib would have transformed Malaysia into a military powerhouse by now if he was the Prime Minister. Malaysia would not need to buy the Eurocopter Cougar, Scorpene Submarines and Sukhoi Fighter jets, amongst others, because the country would have the capability to produce and even export such military toys. Najib possessed the DNA in the military field. Altantuya would not have known and become his close aide Abdul Razak Baginda’s mistress and this whole C4-murder issue would not have happen. However we cannot reverse the history and indeed the pregnant Mongolian beauty was blown to pieces and the commission of 114 Million Euro was paid to Razak Baginda’s company. But the money was well-kept as part of the war-chest for the nation (or rather UMNO’s political) survivability. During current economy crisis many people become jobless and this includes UMNO delegates. You can bet your last dollar that a portion of the commission was used to “help” these poor delegates who have nowhere to turn to but UMNO. So can you see the noble use of such money? *grin grin*

Najib Razak Altantuya MisunderstoodIt was definitely not Najib’s fault that those two useless (or rather scumbags) Corporal Azhar Umar and Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, both from Special Action Unit misunderstood the instruction to take care of Altantuya. The actual instruction was to ensure Altantuya did not get lost in this foreign country as the Mongolian beauty and her companions do not read Bahasa Malaysia. When even Einstein wouldn’t be able to navigate back to his hotel with such foreign sign-boards what more with these Mongolians? Furthermore snatch thieves are abundance and it would be impolite to the citizens from the land of once Great Mongol Conqueror Genghis Khan if somehow these Mongolians fall prey to these thieves. Unfortunately both Azhar and Azilah received very little education and it’s only natural for such low-educated people to misunderstand top-level instruction. If only tour-guides were sent instead of Special Action Unit, Altantuya could be happily attached as mistress to Razak Baginda till today without anyone knowing about their relationship.

Najib RosmahSure, people talked about Rosmah, Najib’s wife, of being the person behind the murder but there’s no proof as of today. Rosmah’s only mistake was perhaps her attempt to save the chicken-feed $500,000 commission supposedly paid to Altantuya. If only she had let those amount of money into Altantuya’s purse. In reality Rosmah was trying to preserve cash as much as possible in anticipation of global Great Recession. She’s such a far-sighted person and perfectly fit into Najib’s team, isn’t she? I suppose the saying that behind every successful man there is a woman is true after all. She even begged people for donations for the Gaza’s fund, something that Abdullah Badawi’s new wife didn’t even bother to do so it’s really cruel to say nasty things to such a charming and caring person, no *grin*?

People have actually mistaken the real purpose behind Najib’s assurance that the country will not enter the recession come rains or shines. Despite over 50-years of independence Malaysians are still like a baby – they never mature else why they keep on voting BN even though they were being taken for rides. Even when they were being told to pack and go back to China or India or wherever their father or grandpa came from, these bunches of stupid people stubbornly voted for BN into the government. And can you imagine what will happen if Najib were to tell the truth – the truth that the country is actually in bad shape? All hell will break loose and people will take to the streets crying as if it was a judgment day. Najib was trying his best to maintain the de-facto positive atmosphere so that everybody remains happy thinking the country is insulated from global recession. People owe Najib an apology for misunderstood his noble intention.

Najib Razak TeamNajib’s new knights of cousin Hishammuddin Hussein, Zahid Hamidi and Shafie Apdal are perhaps the best three musketeers who can help the new President drive the country to the next level. His deputy Muhyiddin Yassin completed the tag-team puzzle and is the best man as Najib’s deputy. Hell, even the independent Joseline Tan wrote today that Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin didn’t practice money-politics a single bit *grin*. Najib’s current team is perhaps the cleanest in the history of the country’s politics and Mahathir should be proud that his assembly-line has produced such quality people after he left office. Sure, maybe Najib will get tough and continue Mahathirism’s practice of dictatorship but that’s necessary for your own good. Even Singaporean Lee Kuan Yew is still practicing dictatorship till today from behind the curtain. Such iron-fist is absolutely needed for as long as the people (or rather voters) are immature. Najib Razak is indeed Malaysia’s Obama. So now we know why Mahathir didn’t turn up for the UMNO opening. The emotional veteran may just cried again looking at the dynamic team that his UMNO-Baru has produced. And this old man cannot stand the sight of Khairi, Ali Rustam, Abdullah Badawi and Rosmah Mansor rushing to hug him and offer him a pacifier. Holy Cow, I need to get myself some beers to think straight.

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Dear Stocktube,

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And Malaysia with its citizen will now "Smile & say Thank you"….& we will all live "Happily" forthwith!

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Well, let us all wait & see what the 2nd April 2009 will bring about!


brilliant piece..I am a fan now…will contribute comments in the near future..



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[…] Hail the new King – Najib the Great and his Knights […]

[…] Hail the new King – Najib the Great and his Knights […]

[…] Hail the new King – Najib the Great and his Knights […]

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