Cycle and the desire for Power, Money, Sex and Glamour

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Oct 16 2008
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Did you realize that the climate has change dramatically this year? It might have transformed earlier but the slow and sleepy me only realized it days ago. Besides the consistent rainy evening (or afternoon on certain days) that pours “money” almost daily onto us, it appears the sunset and sunrise have shifted about an hour earlier. Not that I’m complaining but a few weeks of snow would be great, not that I’m tired of past skiing experience from the mountain of South Korea. I’ve not try (can’t afford it anyway *sigh*) pamper myself at Ski Resort in Switzerland though. Therefore I cursed my sister who has just return from her ski trip in Switzerland simply because she kept singing the songs of praise on her adventure which was mouth-watering. Heck, if only I can afford it *grin*.

Economic Stock CycleI was having dim-sum-lunch with my buddies the other day and naturally the current global economic issues that have been plaguing almost every country now became the hot topic. One of my buddies kept on asking why we should have this economic crisis every 10-year. Well, if you’re into financial sector you would know the answer. In fact everything revolves around us has its own cycle – from politics to marriage. For example the de-facto bully UMNO is destined to face crisis every 20-year and marriage would take the first test at the seventh-year and it’s called the 7-year-itch. If you survive then you would have an ever-lasting marriage else you would (happily) find yourself a new partner and the cycle repeats although some would experience permanent distress from a broken relationship thereafter.

Cycle of Market EmotionIt’s the same in the employment world. If you survive the first five-year of employment and still feeling anxious to get out from that comfy bed to work, rain or shine, then your next hurdle will be the eighth or tenth year, whichever comes first. So it’s the cycle that we’re seeing the current economic chaos and we can’t a damn thing about it? Not quite because the constant value in all these cycles is the “human” or rather homo-sapiens. For many decades the technology and the way we conduct businesses have changed but human’s greed and fear remain unchanged. Human’s greed for power, money, sex, fame, knowledge, glamour have never change and will remains unchanged for many centuries to come. And this is exactly what you need to capitalize if your desire is to make some decent money so that you can retire earlier. It’s not too much to ask and it’s perfectly alright to have such goal after considering the amount certain politician(s) has profited from the sale of submarines and helicopters, no?

Anyway, the Dow’s 733-point tumble should not surprise you by now. Didn’t you read that such problem requires time to recover? Hence the 733-point plunge only goes to prove that the recent 932-point single-day-gain was heavily subsidized by over-due technical-rebound after a week of onslaught. By now you should be able to read the market’s pulse and you surely do not need the government to tell you that a recession is bound to happen, if not already happened. Go back to the basic fundamental of demand and supply. Get to know the employment report and move your lazy bum to survey the retails sales. Yeah, the greedy bankers should be punished and let to rot and not be given the taxpayer money to bail them out else the same problem will happen again. But the problem is this bunch of greedy top executives also happened to be smart-arses as well. They created fear that if their financial institution goes down, they will pull the rest down the lake unless of course the government rushes as much money as possible to their coffer.

Retail Sales turn badOMX Iceland stock exchange fell by 77 percent or 2,326.2 to 678.4 after trading resumes post three-day suspension and some poor charities are about to lose their £120 million invested in Icelandic banks. Heck, even the proud Switzerland largest banks, UBS AG & Credit Suisse Group AG received 6 billion and 10 billion francs respectively. So Malaysia is actually a very fortunate country with very brave and most capable politicians to declare the country will never enter the recession-gate. Bravo! For once you’ve managed the country better than Singapore. Seriously, the stock markets sentiment now is only at the “Fear” level and has not even reach the “Desperation”, “Panic”, “Capitulation” or “Despondency” stage yet so stay cool and let’s pop the Champaign, shall we?

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Do you think now is the good time to stat accumulating the shares with strong fundamentals?

The 1million question is that which stage are we in? And how we are going to profit from it? 😛

Agree that the cycle that you posted is quite true..first to up and down of course is always financials as they “controlled” the market.

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