Lame Duck PM to quit? Or another Mother of All Lies?

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Sep 28 2008
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Game over for lame duck Abdullah Badawi! PM to quit next Mar 2009! Early transition of power in Mar 2009 instead of June 2010! The headlines go on and on after Friday’s UMNO supreme council meeting. On paper it appears the sleepy PM, as he often labeled will have to enjoy his sleep to the fullest for another six months before start his packing and show his successor Najib around his bedroom – the place PM will miss the most. Just like someone who has just been diagnosed of having cancer reaching stage four and has only maximum six months of life, the PM looks equally sad and confuse at his fate.

Heck, most probably the lame duck might not even have the luxury to enjoy the maximum six-month face-saving exit plan. A round of applause should be given to Badawi who managed to issue brave yet empty and silly statement that he would decide by Oct 9 (11 days away) whether to defend his post in the party. I believe all the journalists were giggling at the lame duck because he still has the cheek to deny he was under tremendous pressure to quit. Doubly silly was his laughable response that he has a lot of work to do when asked if he will be going on leave. Right, if he couldn’t do a single right thing in the past four years did he expect people to be so stupid to believe he could pull the rabbit out from the hat in the next 6-months, provided the 25 supreme council warlords allow him to stay that long? Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if he was really out of vocabulary when he answered the press.

It’s an open secret that his deputy, Najib, is rushing against time to become the sixth Prime Minister since he has so many skeletons in his closet and if not for the fact that the pit-bull of political bloggers RPK was thrown into detention center without trial, more worms could be seen crawling from his jacket. As much as he likes to shake off the allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a murdered Mongolian woman (Altantuya) before passed her to his political advisor, the public perception of Najib as a tainted politician persists. Najib might be the best candidate to take over from the weak Abdullah as far as UMNO’s 25 powerful supreme council warlords are concerned but he has yet to be put to test in winning back the people’s mandate come next general election. Abdullah is paying the price for being indecisive and weak but the same fate would knock on Najib’s door if he is no difference from his predecessor.

So, the R.A.H.M.A.N Prophecy, the thought that the prime minister of the country has been somehow per-determined by the order of RAHMAN, really works huh? I’m not sure who started this prophecy but just like the Indiana Jones’ adventure in solving some ancient artifacts mystery, if Najib was destined to be the country’s sixth prime minister from the ruling government then the prophecy is complete. But would Najib be the last prime minister from UMNO that this country will see? His father didn’t manage to live long to enjoy the fruits from his coup d’état together with Harun (Selangor Chief Minister) from the first PM, Tunku Abduk Rahman. So, does the son who is almost certain to become the sixth prime minister has what it takes to navigate this country to a greater height? The four warlords namely Muhyiddin, Rafidah, Hishammuddin (Najib’s cousin) and Shafie Apdal will definitely be rewarded handsomely for their roles in threatening Abdullah Badawi into submission.

Obviously Najib was the invincible hands behind the curtain that architected the plan to fast-forward Badawi’s downfall, no? Did he play any part in Anwar’s huge victory in Permatang Pauh recently? How dare the supreme council warlords demanded Abdullah to quit or else face the embarrassment of not getting even the 30 percent minimum nominations (58 votes) to defend his presidency – unless of course there’s a powerful person who was pulling the string from behind. Maybe Najib was panic after intelligence told him that Anwar is set to meet-up (or already has met?) with the King. If that happens Abdullah might just concede defeat and grant Anwar the much needed vote-of-confidence session provided Anwar promise to take care of his son-in-law, Khairi.

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