Smart people become Jokers after joining BN, how come?

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Jun 01 2008
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I thought I could get a good rest today after a tiring house-warming party yesterday but somehow amazing stories kept coming. People familiar with the local political scene once said (after the recent 12th general election) although UMNO (main component party of National Front) was made of mostly brainless retarded leaders since the departure of Mahathir (yes he was a dictator but he has the brain-cells), it had since improved its image relatively with the appointment of certain intellectuals such as Zaid Ibrahim (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department), Shahrir Samad (new Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister) and Amirsham Aziz (former Maybank CEO).

Don’t get me wrong though as these so-called incapable leaders are miraculously very capable in other area such as acquired foreign bank at mind-boggling 4.6 times book value, erased victim’s immigration records, lost sovereignty on Pedra Branca (Pulau Pulau Batu Puteh) yet could scream it was a win-win situation and many other great success stories. However if you care to notice, any good people (if you think they were in the first place) would somehow become dim-witted and losses the sparks as if they were under some sort of spells after joining the BN government.

Amirsham spot questionTake Amirsham for example. Not sure whether you want to knock on his head of his stupidity or laugh at his inexperience but to get caught reading the answer to a supplementary question in Parliament? Gosh! I was curious if it was him who managed Maybank back then. I bet he scored all A’s in his SRP or LCE exams. Then you have Shahrir Samad who was suppose to be one of the smartest guy around, so much so that Mahathir put him on cold storage because of his intelligence. Suddenly he threw the spanner and announced foreigners are banned from buying petrol within 50km of the country’s borders effective May 30.

Being a Johorean, I thought Shahrir understood the fact that the state especially Johore Bharu needs Singaporean more than Singaporean needs JB’s fuel, no? You expect the Singaporean to Shahrir Petrol Bancome into JB in droves with the risks of getting stranded in the twilight zone if their fuel tanks ran out of petrol? Why can’t prepare extra pumps with fuel price at unsubsidized or market rate for foreigners? Aren’t you puzzled a smart guy like Shahrir didn’t thought of such alternative? Maybe he was both excited (of getting a ministryship) and too eager to show off his skills amongst his colleagues but such decision was foolish nevertheless. The latest decision as of todaythe decision to enforce the petrol subsidy ban to foreign cars will only be finalised on Tuesday, according to deputy PM.

Zaid ways to dieZaid, the de facto law minister, was heckled and booed during his speech and Q&A session at the National Press Club today. He said in order to replace laws like the Printing Presses and Publications Act and the Official Secrets Act, there has to be an alternative mechanism in place. Otherwise there would be anarchy, he claimed. Just what the heck was he talking about? It’s like saying if you don’t fancy Hitler’s way of put you inside gas-chambers or Emperor Hirohito’s way of chop off your head using samurai, then suggest another way or method to (die) torture human beings. Just repeal the above laws as it weren’t there in the first place, thanks again to old dictator Mahathir.

But the biggest joke was still on Rais Yatim. Realizing his mistake for saying it was a win-win situation after losing Pedra Branca, the senior chap now said Malaysia is not giving up hope on the island yet. The government is now scrambling to find the ancient letter written by British Governor William T. Butterworth to the Temenggong and Sultan of Johor seeking permission to build the Horsburgh Lighthouse on Batu Puteh. Why go all the way to ICJ knowing such important evidence was not in your hand in the first place? Only fools will proceed to a battle with guns but without bullets.

Rais further said “If we can gain sight of that letter, the gate can be opened again. There is a maximum 10-year period but preferably it should be done within six years … The letter could be in London, the British being too good at archiving. We have searched with them but it has not been conclusively proven that they don’t have it … Probably it is in Singapore”

Rais Yatil playing tai-chiIf you really believe there’s a slightest hope of getting back the island based on his statement above, then you’re a fool yourself. What Rais was trying to do is to push the ball back to England and Singapore. He dare not say the ancient letter is in London nor in Singapore and he was giving a false hope – a 10-year-old hopes to be precise. It was reported that back in 1994 Malaysia requested Singapore to furnish a copy of the governor’s letter if it was in its possession but the republic did not respond.

Of course Singapore would not entertain such a request you idiot. It’s like going to the residence of Najib and asked if he still has a copy of the authorization memo or letter to take out some hamburger-like C4 explosive from the military storage. What do you think, was Singapore that stupid? It is better if Rais shut his mouth, admit the country just lost and island but won back some tiny rocks and let the people forget the whole shameful defeat over time. Probably he should just tai-chi the whole thing to his predecessor. Hmm, I wonder where the Attorney General is since the ICJ’s verdict.

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Good analogy you have here. Keep it coming and keep it up.

I differ in opinion that people like Amirsham is smart just because he sat atop Maybank for some years. We all know that these posts are not decided purely on merit, as seen in the recent elevation of Wahid Omar. As for the other career politicians, well, we also know their types.

hello anonymous … compared to MP from kinabatangan, i’m sure amirsham was a smart fella …

cheers …

Rais is merely opening another diversion — this ancient letter, even if located will not have any impact on the judgment because the ICJ did not dispute that Johor had the soveriegn of Batu Putih back in the 19th century; however, what they found was that Singapore had adversely possessed it since!!!

Most Malaysians will not understand the concept of adverse possession and is wrong to refer this case to ICJ where the moron Judges there are infested with such inappropriate legal concept of adverse possession and saw fit to impose it on us; then again our wise governement stupidly submitted ourselves to their jurisdiction.

Singapore was only established in 1965 and the dispute arose in 1979; how could 14 years be sufficient to adversely possess the entire island? This ICJ judgment is wholly unsatisfactory and unworkable. It does not even resolve the dispute over the South Ledge.

Why people became morons after joining BN? Nobody can be a wise man if the pre condition for being paid millions if not billions is to be stupid.

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