Do you really trust Keris-Man or Desperate Housewife?

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Apr 26 2008
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Today is an interesting day if you read the local pro-government newspaper theStar. I can’t remember when was the last time I paid for the hardcopy, not that I can’t afford it but because it’s not worth paying for the bulks of advertisements. I read the electronic copy which is free and I think it’s sufficient if what you need is to browse through major news. There’re two major news that attracted me, not so much of the contents because I’ve read it from other sources that had reported it earlier and theStar was merely repeated what was published, but the way how both news were prioritized.

Another English newspaper, theSun, reported on Friday how Zaharah Kechik, the wife of former theSun 10 million siphonedSelangor Chief Minister Khir Toyo, plotting to dissolve a welfare body and remove almost RM10 million from its bank accounts after her husband lost power to rule the most developed state. I was wondering if theSun didn’t expose the news on Friday, would theStar dare to publish the news the following day, Saturday. Now, the new Selangor government is seeking legal advice on the issue.

The Bar Council is of the opinion that the action (of Zaharah) could be tantamount to criminal breach of trust but the lady said she had the legal right because her husband Khir Toyo was still the caretaker Selangor Mentri Besar at that time. So I suppose should the National Front were to lose the recent general election to the opposition (DAP, PKR and PAS) at the Federal government, “caretaker Prime Minister” could transfer all the money from the country’s reserve of about $120 billion, no?

Seriously I don’t think this news worth front-paged but instead the apology from UMNO Youth Hishammuddin Keris-Man Apologizechief Hishammuddin Tun Hussein should be given priority. Of course by the time theStar published the news of this guy who has been brandishing his “keris” (Malay dagger) since 2005, most of netizens has already read it from MalaysiaKini. And to think this Hishammuddin was entrusted with the Education Ministryship portfolio is enough to send your blood boiling. If you think that this guy who is famous for his “crook-smile” has actually repented his past action, you better think twice before rejoicing.

Hishammuddin is under tremendous pressure as his silly keris-waving act was one of the main causes of the National Front’s humiliate defeat. His cousin, Deputy Prime Minister, needs him badly to make the number should the battle for the premiership starts. As much as he dislikes it, he has to apologize for his own political survival. However he’s too arrogant to tender a “sincere apology”. Can you read between the lines (below) that he was still trying to defend his act by claiming he could no longer uphold the so-called “symbol” on behalf of the Malays? Furthermore he “did not want to say” if the tradition of kissing the keris would be stopped at future Umno Youth assemblies.

He said: “If it affected anyone, I cannot run away from the reality of it. I apologize to the non-Malays and the Malays … To the non-Malays because of the fear to a symbol which was not my intention. And to the Malays for not being able to uphold their symbol of heritage”

Khir Toyo HishammuddinThus, in trying time like now he would has no choice but to bend his back a bit but will definitely returns to his antic act once the situation permits him to. I doubt the Malays outside of UMNO would be offended should Hishammuddin quit playing with his keris during the UMNO general assembly. And to have this apology news hidden at the bottom of theStar newspaper goes to show how this embarrassing episode should be played down as much as possible.

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Toyol is clean from corruption. Don’t make me laugh…PUIh…

Kerishamudin not sincere since he will be doing it again. I feel sorry to him. but nowadays people use parang or gun to scare or ugut people want. U think people which scare his keris meh.

If these people in UMNO like Zaharah Kechik and Hishammudin still continuing to be arrogant and trying to fool the now awaken Malaysian voters, they will surely regret in no time. All Malaysians are now watching how the Federal Government is going to work with the 5 state governments formed by the opposition parties who were voted in by the fellow Malaysians in the recent election. We are not blind or deaf, our action in the next election will speak for itself. Any negative or revengeful action taken by the federal government against these state governments will be taken as action against the RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA.

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