Stocks Investing for Year of Rat – can feng shui tells?

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Feb 08 2008
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Every year you can read without fail the stock markets forecast from feng shui experts, especially when you enter the yearly Chinese New Year (such as today which officially is the Year of Rat). FinanceTwitter received numerous emails asking which sector to watch out (more like what stocks I predict would move and could make money as a result of such movement) – I wish I know. Get real, if I know in advance I would not be blogging now because I’ll be too busy counting money and consulting tax consultant on how to pay the least tax to the authorities *grin*.

If these feng shui experts are so damn good they wouldn’t have to work, would they? However based on the survivability of feng shui for thousands of years, you simply can’t ignore this art altogether though you should take it as a guidance and not the Holy Grail. Furthermore with most Chinese businessmen from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and other parts of the world consulted feng shui experts in one way or another before how wrong could it be? Even Donald Trump consulted feng shui for his empire’s prosperity mind you.

Stocks can Fengshui tellsFor guidance sake, what’s in the stock for the year 2008, the ear of Rat? Feng shui specialists are predicting a gloomy year for shares for the year of Rat. It’s because the water element will cool the stock market. Another feng shui master from Hong Kong, Raymond Lo, predicted that industries linked to earth and metal will flourish during the Year of the Rat – meaning you should dump your money into property and mining stocks, not that hard to predict since the prices of gold has skyrocketed.

While you can’t really dismiss feng shui as totally superstitious especially when you’re seeking harmony and balance flow of “qi” to improve health, relationship, education and wealth, I still haven’t read any person who built his / her fortunes from stock market solely on feng shui. Now back to the stocks that one can invest for the year of 2008. Assuming the U.S. economy will continue to be in the limbo stage, the safest stocks to invest are still the defensive stocks. I mean stocks that are recession proof or good dividend paying stocks should be your preferred stocks.

Nevertheless if the equity market that you’re trading allows you to profit from either way – up or down, then there’s nothing to worry about. In fact during bearish market one tends to make money much faster – heard of it takes days only if not hours for stocks to drop like a rock after it took weeks or months to build up?

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