New way for monetization with audio ads

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Jan 31 2008
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Google’s main revenue was and will remains in the hand of online advertising. Its’ flagship is the infamous Adsense of which anyone could apply and upon approval he / she needs to apply some codes into his / her website(s) or blog(s) – thereafter earns money from visitors who click on the advertisement. Simple yet profitable business model provided you’ve tons of traffic and no invalid clicks registered.

The latest buzz in the blogosphere is the concept of audio advertising by Net Audio Ads with its Pay-Per-Play advertising channel. The company claimed it is backed by one of the Big-5 search engines. Pay-Per-Play works like Google Adsense but the difference is it pays you even without clicks. It further claimed that publishers (that’s you) will earn revenue on 100% of your traffic instead of clicks. The trade-off is your visitors will be served with a 5-second audio advertisement, the same way you were bombarded with those advertisements on the radio while you’re listening to your favorite channel(s).

While this is a good way to monetize your website, it could be sending your visitors away since the audio could be annoying to some of you. However Pay-Per-Play claimed otherwise since it is just a 5 seconds audio ads play as soon as a visitor arrives; you’ll earn even though the visitors have in fact switch off the volume of their workstation. Besides, you could earn money from their affiliate programs which work on multiple tiers.

NetAudioAds further claimed that this Pay-Per-Play has been running for more than two years and has over 66,000 advertisers and over 550,000 publishers serving the audio ads. Time will tell if such type of business model will works over long term.

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