Make Money scalping AAPL, not enough for MacBook Air

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Jan 16 2008
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Don’t you love it when you can make money both ways – stock market up or down? The stock market will be more efficient if only the rest of the regional markets such as Malaysia and Singapore allow full-blown “long” and “short” to be implemented. The talks or rather excuses that short-selling would collapse their respective market faster than ever is only myth. When the market is efficient, the direction of the stock markets will be depends solely on supply and demand.

Decided to scalp Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) this morning (and closed the position just now) after I was satisfied with the fast bucks but the main reason was the rebound in the technology stocks and the Dow (scare a little out of me). Again I’m not sure what will happen to the final scores for both Dow and Nasdaq after the closing later today but as long as your position is profitable, there’s no harm in locking the profit (I know I’ve making the same point over and over again). Heck, the profit is not enough to get me the MacBook Air *sigh*.

AAPL profitFrankly there’s nothing wrong with Apple Inc. even after the not so promising Macworld yesterday. The company is doing great and will continue to perform. Just that when all the signs are pointing to a bearish trading pattern, you just can’t ignore your itchy hand from punching the keyboards to scalp the stock(s) to make a little money off the markets. Boy! Did anyone noticed how Baidu.com, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIDU, stock) reached the $300 level today? Congratulations to readers who short the stocks or pull the Put Option string. As for FinanceTwitter, I decided to hold on to my Put Option on this fellow. It might try to rebound but I think the stock could not go up very far. I’m beginning to like Baidu.com.

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