Baidu mourning while Google and Apple near support

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Jan 03 2008
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While Baidu.com, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIDU, stock), the Chinese search engine that often said to be Chinese version of Google, lost their Chief Financial Officer, Shawn Wang, who died in an accident in China, its stock is still mourning. With the next support at $350 the stock could see further downtrend – another $20 to go down the drain based on current stock price of about $370 a share.

Meanwhile, both Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) and Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) are toying around their support level of $680 and $196 level respectively. At the same time the Nasdaq Composite is trying very hard to stay in the positive territory – it has been zig-zagging in the red and green area throughout most of the morning Google Apple Baidutrading session. So if you believe both prices are strong support level, you might want to “long” the stocks or its options.

I think Google Inc. at its $680 would be a steal while I hope to buy Apple Inc. at the next support – $192 (or lower *grin*) before the next earning announcement. The Dow is currently at 13,095.01, very near to its strong support of 13,000. Keep watching the stock chart for the above mentioned stocks.

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are you perhaps short Baidu?

hello anonymous …

yes, i am …

cheers …

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