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A creative jail sentence for Insider Traders

You’ve heard how insider traders were punished in U.S. but this news is rather amusing. A former financial analyst at Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS, stock) and her husband were each sentenced yesterday to a year and half in prison for insider trading. The husband, Ruben Chen was a former hedge analyst at ING. Ruben and […]

... written on Dec 05 2007

Tong Herr Stock, hidden Gems within bolts & nuts?

One of FinanceTwitter’s readers was curious as to why low-PE stock such as Tong Herr Resources Berhad was bleeding profusely, stock price wise. Is Tong Herr a fundamental stock? Based on its past financial statements Tong Herr is definitely a sound company with sustainable profits, not to mention great EPS (earnings per share) and DPS […]

... written on Dec 04 2007

The World of MergeCraft games in the making

Computer gamers out there should know who’s Blizzard Entertainment. No? Then games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Diablo” might ring the bell. Of all the games I’d played my favorite was easily Diablo II – thereafter you saw some other games built within the same story-line or concept as Diablo. It appears the corporate […]

... written on Dec 03 2007

Billionaire Li’s latest $60M bet on Facebook

To Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing 60 million dollars are just loose change. Considering his fortune was estimated to be worth 23 billions and the ninth richest person in the world by Forbes, 60 million dollars toy would not looks excessive. The tycoon could probably talk days and nights when come to topic of property […]

... written on Dec 02 2007

Where to search for Web Hosting Choices

Your personal web hosting normally comes into mind whenever you’ve decided to host your own domain name. Most bloggers would not jump into real blogosphere by having their own domain name plus the hosting server as they won’t know if blogging is what they’re looking for. Hence free blogging via free platform such as blogspot […]

... written on Dec 02 2007

Suddenly PM Badawi and Samy are super awake

Someone who tried to please Malaysian PM Abdullah Badawi said recently that the PM was perhaps the nicest and bestest premier as he has not used the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) and the people should appreciate it. Not many months later the PM threaten to use the ISA in the wake of the rally […]

... written on Dec 01 2007

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