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Google and Priceline’s Profits on Expiration Friday

Decided (not that I’ve other choice) to take profit today as it’s the Friday Expiration for options for the month of Dec 2007. Overall the stock markets were more positive and broad-based with Dow up by 3-digits and Nasdaq jumped more than 30-points. What a day to lock in profit. Please note that I let […]

... written on Dec 21 2007

Oracle and Google brought cheers to Tech-Stocks

Thursday was the trading day that saw investors / traders primarily concentrated on technology stocks. The Dow didn’t perform and only managed to up by 0.29% or 38.37 points – still it was well above the support and psychological 13,000 level. However Nasdaq was up by 1.53% or 39.85 points to 2,640.86 points. That was […]

... written on Dec 21 2007

Operation Normandy II – Apple’s 3G-iPhone Invasion

Japan’s NTT DoCoMo seems to be the latest partner that Steve Jobs is trying to court. Rumours were spreading that NTT and Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) were cooking something before the former confirmed on Wed 19th Dec that its president, Masao Nakamura, had met with Apple’s Steve Jobs. The odd is getting higher that […]

... written on Dec 19 2007

Know About Your Money – Finding The Best Credit Card Deal

Gone were the days when you need to satisfy the tight requirements before you can walk away as the proud owner of a credit card. Recently I received a credit card issued by Citibank that comes specifically with goodies if you’re a frequent traveller of AirAsia. Credit card marketing is getting creative, what more with […]

... written on Dec 18 2007

Can Proton just make up its mind on the partnership?

Less than a month since ailing Malaysian carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd (KLSE: PROTON, stock-code 5304) abruptly called off any negotiation with both Germany’s Volkswagen (FRA: VOW) and US-based General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM, stock), the reason begun to appears although it’s still hard to determine if this could be the actual reason – NAZA Group […]

... written on Dec 18 2007

Jim is still the Mad Cramer, make no mistake about it

There’re not many crazy stock investors or traders around, at least not that FinanceTwitter is aware of. However when you have someone as crazy and mad as Jim Cramer you just got to be both flabbergasted and thrilled. If you’ve been trading for a while in the US stock markets chances are you should know […]

... written on Dec 17 2007

RHB Bank to be Sold Again, EPF to make good money

Money from Middle East is basically screaming to be flushed elsewhere. While the US dollar is flushing down the toilet, Middle East’s fortune is looking into, well, Islamic countries to be flushed. One of the countries that attracted these hot monies is Malaysia, not a hard thing to understand since Malaysia premier PM has been […]

... written on Dec 16 2007

2008 Election Polls – USA and Malaysia

Does financial or stock markets related to politic in one way or another? It’s no brainer that the answer is an obvious “Yes”. A government that is unstable, lack of transparency, policies that forever changes, weak and poor governance, bias and so on could only scare off potential investors (both foreign and local). Thomson Financial […]

... written on Dec 15 2007

What to do during US Economy Slowdown?

Just what was Ben Bernanke and company was thinking that it kept cutting the interest rate (the recent being the 25 basis points on 11th Dec 2007) to satisfy the investors and economists? Didn’t the sight of cheaper dollar scare the shit out of Ben to cut it further? How about inflation? Could the word […]

... written on Dec 14 2007

ISA-Mania, can you smell what Badawi’s cooking?

Before the 8 million Malaysian viewers happily paid, despite the forever-long advertisements, for Astro’s channels, people in Malaysia relied on VCR (video cassette recorders) for entertainment. Those were the days when Malaysians, regardless of their race would grab a seat and order a glass of “Teh Tarik” which cost less than a ringgit and watch […]

... written on Dec 13 2007

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