Stocks Frying 101 with the Iron Chef Vincent Tan

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Oct 04 2007
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StockTube has to admit that the greedy part is slowly creeping into the mind and it’s dangerous as I’m stubbornly wanted to hold on to my Apple Inc. and Google Inc. even though my target has been reached. While my AAPL Oct 135 Call Option has well passed its profit target, the AAPL Oct 140 Call Option and GOOG Nov 570 Call Option have both crosses my satisfactory profit target. Frankly I’m trying to push myself to the limit to see if I can sell at the nearest border of the resistance established recently.

What I’m talking about is the resistance of Apple Inc. at US$160 a share and Google Inc. at US$600 a share traded two-days ago. I was thinking that since my positions are in the profitable level, I might just let it run. But I’m playing the game of risk as both stocks are highly volatile. With Apple Inc.’s earning announcement set to kick in real soon, I think the chances of Steve Jobs announcing a stock-split are quite high considering the share price of Apple is currently quite expensive. And as long as the expectations are there, Apple Inc. would not “game over” so fast, at least not until it announce its’ earning.

Hence, I’m taking my eyes off from monitoring the above stocks to talk about two highly explosive stocks that you might know – Silver Bird Group Berhad and Berjaya Corporation. I’ve talked about Silver Bird last Thursday 27th Sept 2007 (you can find the link at the end of this article) and coincidently two days later theStar Saturday business section carried an article on the same stock. So I guess there’s really something brewing on the way Lembaga Tabung Haji buying crazily into the stock.

Vincent TanIn fact, the rush into the acquisition of Silver Birds shares got even crazier based on filing yesterday. Besides Dato’ Tan Han Kook continues his acquisition of another 500,000 shares, we’re seeing Vincent Tan together with Berjaya Corporation, Berjaya Capital Berhad, Bizurai Bijak (M) Sdn Bhd and others playing the active role in the acquisition since Monday.

And talk about Berjaya Corporation stock price which exploded today, the filing indicated Vincent Tan has been buying his own company’s shares aggressively since the end of September. Just what is this Vincent Tan thinking stepping his legs not only in his Berjaya Corporation but also Silver Bird? Anything frying in the kitchen that he knows but we don’t (recently great EPS aside)? Or will we see the man who was once one of the “stocks frying” kings making an elegant comeback to the scene?

Vincent Tan Frying StocksI’ve said before Vincent Tan was the undisputed king of “bonus and rights issue” and it’s been ages since this man last cooking up his shares. Investors who had invested in his now-privatised Berjaya Capital are now laughing *evil grin* all the way to the bank with the special dividend in the forms of BJCorp-ICULS, not to mention the earlier ICULS received during the restructuring before the privatization. And since Vincent Tan himself is holding tons of it, it’s time for him to heat up the “wok” and today’s stock movement might be the scene of “adding spices” to the wok before the actual frying starts.

The return of Vincent Tan to the stock market scenes might be more interesting than the bull-run on both Apple Inc. and Google Inc. combined. For the newbies, let’s start learning stock frying lessons 101 from “Iron Chef” Vincent Tan, shall we?

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