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Did a Blog cause RM37 million losses to StemLife?

Behold the power of blog. If used wisely by business communities it could enhance the customer relationship and indirectly increase revenue as the substance of loyalty and trust would be cultivated. But if somehow a blog was written in such a way that it could bring disaster to your business, then you might have sleepless […]

... written on Oct 03 2007

Mobile service providers should look offshore for ideas

SMS is perhaps the most successful application or service used by mobile users in most of the countries, including Malaysia. Telecommunication companies actually made tons of money during its’ booming period. As with almost every products, the birth will followed by the peak cycle and almost instantly the revenue from SMS became so competitive that […]

... written on Oct 02 2007

Dubai Investment Group realized their mistake, finally

Have you been going against the tide by investing in cheap but not performing stocks? Did you buy for the sake of buying without doing any homework to study a company’s fundamental, technical and its management team? If you try to argue that you’re actually trading or investing the contrarian way by doing so, then […]

... written on Oct 02 2007

Time to scout for offers before Holiday Season starts

As usual, the fourth quarter is normally the most busy and exciting period of the year. For stocks or options investors opportunities are aplenty since the trend is quite predictable. For retail businesses this period is the most profitable of all since it’s the holiday season such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For kids, this […]

... written on Oct 02 2007

Rate Cut, Financial Expectation & Window Dressing

Level 14,000 could be the biggest boulder that Dow Jones needs to move if investors wish to celebrate a truly bull-run. Wall Street began the fourth quarter with a huge rally on Monday when it crossed over it. But just like how Dow did it in mid-July when it surpassed its closing back then to […]

... written on Oct 02 2007

TM spin-off project, Wahid to exit with Jamal’s entry?

It was about three months ago when former Maxis Communications Bhd group CEO, Datuk Jamaludin Ibrahim, announced his decision to call it a day. On the day of the resignation announcement there were plenty of speculations as to which company that managed to win the heart of Jamaludin. Of course Jamal, as he was fondly […]

... written on Oct 01 2007

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