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Monopoly No More, AirAsia to fly to Singapore

Tony Fernandes’s grumbling about the bias protectionism rule in favor of Malaysia Airline System (KLSE: MAS, stock-code 3786) appears to bring positive result after all. Today Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that budget carrier AirAsia Berhad (KLSE: AIRASIA, stock-code 5099) has won a battle to fly the lucrative Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route, breaking the […]

... written on Oct 25 2007

RHB needs to merge to stays Relevant

Rashid Hussain Berhad (now delisted) was started with a big-bang under the ambitious mission to turn the empire under the founder Tan Sri Rashid Hussain into a major financial supermarket in the 1990s. Although no longer the captain of the ship, Tan Sri Rashid should be able to smile as the RHB brand still survives […]

... written on Oct 24 2007

Stock Jumps, Google Phone on the Analyst Day?

You might get sick and tired with me for being so obsessed about Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Forgive me but somehow I couldn’t think of any other technology stocks that grow as fast as these two mean machines. Contrary to the basic rule of fundamental investing that says you shouldn’t invest in stocks that […]

... written on Oct 24 2007

Malaysian Casino King, Lim Goh Tong, passed away at 90

Malaysia’s third richest man and the founder of Genting Group (KLSE: GENTING, stock-code 3182), Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, passed away at 11.20am Tuesday at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre. The tycoon who was 90, leave behind a diverse business empire worth US$22 billion. He survived by wife Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua, and their […]

... written on Oct 23 2007

Knight Apple Saves the Day and the Tech-Stocks

YES! Apple did it again. Apple saved the day. Apple is incredible. What a wonderful Apple stock. You simply got to love Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs. I might sound exaggerated with all the praises for Apple but it’s simply lovely. Not only it re-injected the optimism into the stock market especially Nasdaq, it also […]

... written on Oct 23 2007

Anxiously waiting Apple’s earning announcement

Somehow I like this thing about bargain hunting. And I like the law of whatever goes up must comes down and vice versa. We saw the Dow plunged by 366 points last Friday and today we saw a slight rebound in the afternoon after a three-digit plunge in the morning trading. Traders are still nervous […]

... written on Oct 22 2007

How to do business if Meritocracy is not welcomed?

Meritocracy is perhaps the last word a government would like to hear that practice nepotism, cronyism or racism policies. You can bet your last penny such government would have pathetic policies implemented in large-scale ranging from education to corporate business. There’s nothing wrong with such policy except that it generated and will continues to generate […]

... written on Oct 22 2007

Bad Friday for U.S. but Black Monday for Asia

Call it coincidence, myth, haunted, eerie or whatever you wish but the fact is on 20th anniversary of Oct 19th 1987’s “Black Monday” crash that saw Dow Jones plunged by 26 percent, the same happened last Friday (19th Oct 2007). Only this time the Dow fell by a lower percentage which is 2.64 percent but […]

... written on Oct 21 2007

Bad News for You and Good News for Me

First the bad news! You’re just inches away from having to pay the biggest quantum of fuel hike next year (I said next year because it would be silly for the Malaysia government to increase the rate this year), probably after general election. At the same time the government is just inches from announcing the […]

... written on Oct 19 2007

Change in plan for Google, going for “Top Greed”

Google Inc. stock was trading in a very narrow range and for the most of the morning session it was trying to breach the $632 resistance. It managed to do so at 1:45pm trading time (as of writing). So some crazy ideas pop-up into my brain and I’ve decided to let my little GOOG Nov […]

... written on Oct 18 2007

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