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Sep 27 2007
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Are you previously one of the proud shareholders of Maxis Communications Berhad stocks who got a shocked by the privatization mooted by tycoon Ananda? If you are, you might either have relocated the money gotten from the disposal to other telco-stocks or maybe non-telco stocks. Maybe you’re still holding the money since you couldn’t find another telco worth buying. What choices do you have?

DIGI.com Berhad (DIGI: stock-code 6947) will be the best choice but considering the stock is already pushed up to current level, it’s not a cheap exposure. Forget about the loss-making Time DotCom Berhad (TIMECOM: stock-code 5031) which has its own problem at the backyard to solve. The only reason that you can justify to yourself going into Time DotCom’s stock is betting that this fella will be bought over by another telco.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (KLSE: TM, stock-code 4863) is too boring a stock to buy into. It might be the blue chip but the fact that it’s a GLC (government-link-company) which monopolizes the fixed-line market and essentially the money-printing machine makes the stock not attractive since it will neither goes up nor down. All is because the management is too complacent with its status as the protected big-guy in the industry.

TM Celcom IPOHowever if the speculation by Reuters is true, you might want to standby with lots of money to apply for yet another big IPO. This could be the biggest IPO of the year. And you might want to thank Ananda Krishnan after all, since his evil plan enables you to liquidate your money. This news might be old news which had been circulating for years but never materialize. I’m talking about CELCOM’s possible IPO.

Reuters reported that Telekom Malaysia’s board agreed on Thursday to house its domestic and offshore mobile assets in one company, TM International, shares in which would be distributed to existing group shareholders and then separately listed. Since Telekom’s shares were suspended from trading on Thursday, the expected announcement from Telekom on Friday could spills the bean, provided what was reported is true.

Telekom owns Celcom which is the country’s second-largest mobile operator. It’s time to unlock the jewel in Celcom so that Telekom could raises money and do whatever it wish to do while allow the public an opportunity to invest in a new telco stock. The time is right to bring back more quality stocks after the recent various privatizations.

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