Lottery Ticket Seller Goes into Hiding

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Jun 20 2007
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This is what happen if you suddenly found youself with a sudden windfall and do not know what to do, worst still if you’re staying in a high-crime area. It was reported that after a punter from Muar (a small district within Johore, Malaysia) won a whopping RM17mil in a Big Sweep draw, the person who sold the winning ticket has gone into hiding. In a lucrative deal, the person who actually sold the winning ticket stands to secure a certain percentage of the total money won.

The speculation in town is that the ticket seller is an old woman, who fears she would be a target of crooks. An official of the lottery company in Kuala Lumpur, identified only as Ye, said their Muar representative had scolded her for disclosing details of the winning ticket. She said that because there were not many lottery representatives in Muar it was easy to find out who sold the winning ticket.

Ye recalled that some years back a Big Sweep representative in Kuala Lumpur became a victim of robbers when it was found that he had sold a winning ticket. Furthermore, she added, when a person is known to have sold a winning ticket, many people would want to buy tickets only from that person. This is due to the believe that the person actually has the “luck” within his/her lotteries tickets. Where would you do or hide if you’re that woman? You can have all the money you want but if you’ve a big mouth, chances are it will do more harm than good to you.

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