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May 27 2007
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I’ve taken some time during the weekend to evaluate my blog design and positioning to make it better (of course you can chip in some suggestions if you want) from the eyes of my readers. Due to the fact that I’m running this blog on Google’s (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) Blogger platform I’m at their mercy as far as functionality and features are concern. Those of you who’re running your blog under the same provider as mine should understand what I’m talking about. I’ve the plan to get my own domain and host it on some hosting service provider but then I’ll need to start all over again with PageRank of zero.

Another problem with blogger who has been using Blogger is the fact that should you decide to migrate to new Blogger’s layout which enable you to have “Page Element” so that you can inject some feeds into it, you would most probably loose most of the customization that you’ve done all this while. Even if you know html, chances are you wouldn’t be able to get the exact look of what you’re having now on classic template unless of course you’ve not done any major cosmetic facelift to your initial ugly-looking template.

I still don’t understand why the biggest search giant Google couldn’t at least recruit some good designer to come out with nice and cool looking template the same way WordPress did. If you look around, most of those fascinating webpage designs are from WordPress, not to say the quantity of these quality templates out-sized Bloggers’. Conclusion – Blogger’s template simply sucks. Come to think of it, if you’re good in programming you might be able to make good money by converting those WordPress templates to be compatible with Blogger’s and sell it for some bucks. I’m sure the free hosting provided by Blogger together with cool themes from WordPress would swing most of bloggers back to Google.

Anyway, you should have noticed that I’ve renovated the right-side navigation column here to make it wider to accommodate more widgets or stuff like that. If you’re using 800px width blog just like me (for the sole reason of accommodating readers who are still using such screen resolution) you would face the same space constraints issue should you decide to opt for 3-columns design.

You’ll also notice I’ve put bookmark and RSS feed buttons to facilitate readers to use it. But the most important feature is that you can now buy me Coffee Latte by clicking on the small mug under every post (can you see it?) if you’ve enjoyed reading my posts. Supposing you’ve read all my posts or articles and think I should deserve more, you can choose to buy me beer by clicking on the beer glass located at right-side of this blog. And I promise I won’t make a single complaint about it. Best still, you can of course choose to buy me both – Coffee and Beer.

Having done so, please Stumble me and add this blog to your Technorati Favorites. And if you want to have fun and tag your location from wherever you’re currently is, you can join my Frappr community (located at the bottom of this blog) – would love to see if you’re from Mars.

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I fully support stocktube getting its own domain name and hosting server. The startup and running cost are low.

I got my domain name and hosting at Godaddy.com for RM32/yr and RM39 for 2 months hosting.
Try checking out Saifulsham’s blog for a RM26 domain name. http://www.saifulsham.com/index.php/archives/2007/05/24/panggilan-terakhir-tawaran-domain-pada-harga-rm-26/

My boss once told me that “Good things are seldom cheap and cheap things are seldom good!”

Arguable of course, since the best things in life are often free! 🙂

thanx wolves … i’m aware of the low costs associated with it … it just that i’ve not think of a killer-name for my domain yet … furthermore stocktube.com was taken by someone else …

do you know that when i started stocktube using blogspot platform, the stocktube.com was still available but right after that when i re-check someone as registered for it …

te truth is when i started, i didn’t know i’ll get addicted to blogging … also, i want to see and test if it’s true that using blogspot will be no difference from normal .com as your content counts but when come to seo, it didn’t work that way …

i’ll check-out saiful option … thanx wolves *off to saiful’s blog*…

cheers …

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