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Nov 30 2006
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I’ve decided to lock-in my profit for Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq : MDRX) which I invested pre-earning announcement last month back on 26-Oct-2006 ( here ) – an investment which took about a month to realize the 83 percent profit.

This was the roller-coaster for me as the stock didn’t gap-up as predicted despite beating the earning. Instead it made a dive to $23 before recovered. The opportunity for me to take profit appears on 21-22 Nov 2006 but “Greed” gets into me and I let it go.

So the punishment was a couple of days of constipation before I decided to ring the register today, finally.

Guess it’s true that “Bull & Bear makes money but Pig gets slaughtered”. Anyway, the money is good – there’s no way I can make such a percentage of profit if I invest in stocks/shares. Only the power of “Option Trading” can create such a satisfaction.

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