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Who's Behind Synergy Drive ?

I guess the super-merger of Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad (GUTHRIE : stock-code 3131), Sime Darby Berhad (SIME : stock-code 4197) and Golden Hope Plantations Berhad (GHOPE : stock-code 1953) announcement is going to hog the main business page for the next coming weeks simply because of the size and the people behind it. But what everyone […]

... written on Nov 24 2006

Know The Difference – Warrants & Call-Warrants

With the current “presume” bull-market in Bursa (KLSE), it seems everything looks attractive. Retails no doubt will re-look at the usual cheaper exposure – warrants. Compare with old time where warrants were the buzz-word for retails-investors, now they are spoilt for more option such as call-warrants, basket-warrants etc. But before an investors/speculators/punters jump into the […]

... written on Nov 24 2006

After The Super-Merger Will Others Follow ?

Three of Malaysia’s largest palm oil producers – Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad (GUTHRIE : stock-code 3131), Sime Darby Berhad (SIME : stock-code 4197) and Golden Hope Plantations Berhad (GHOPE : stock-code 1953) are to merge, potentially create the world’s biggest bio-fuels company and its largest publicly-traded palm oil entity. All three stocks halted trading in their […]

... written on Nov 23 2006

2007 Daily Volume 1.2B – Is This Guy Serious ?

I read with great interest the comment by Bursa Malaysia CEO, Yusli today who expect the average daily trading volume for 2007 to hit 1.2 billion units – about 50% more than the current figure. Is this guy serious with what he was talking about ? Or does he know something which the public doesn’t […]

... written on Nov 22 2006

Investing The Right Stocks Or Options – Sales Growth

Sales figures are a key measure of a company’s strength – the figure which will tell you to investigate more or simply ignore a particular stock altogether. This piece of financial information reflects growth, a yardstick of how efficient a management is running the company. Companies basically have two ways to increase earnings – either […]

... written on Nov 22 2006

Stocks & Options Depend On Moon

Believe it or not, the stock market tends to do better or worse depending on where we are in the lunar cycle. That’s the conclusion of two studies that have circulated for a couple of years in academic circles. The studies, “Lunar Cycle Effects in Stock Returns” and “Are Investors Moonstruck? Lunar Phases and Stock […]

... written on Nov 22 2006

Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) To Ease Further ?

“The market is going to be soft. Any rise will be marginal,” said Wong Chee Seng, head of research at Alliance Research. He further pegged support for the main index at 1,033-1,032 and resistance at 1,045. Another research chief said investors were likely to focus on plantation stocks and shares of firms due to report […]

... written on Nov 22 2006

The Internet Giant Is Too Big & Bloated

In an internal memo written by a Yahoo (Nasdaq : YHOO) senior executive which later distributed over the Internet last weekend, it was claimed that “The Internet giant is too big, too bloated and is losing its way“. If what this senior executive’s claim in true, then does it reflects on Google as well ? […]

... written on Nov 21 2006

From iPhone To iChat Mobile

Latest investing news from a Wall Street analyst indicated Apple Computer (Nasdaq : AAPL), which recently released its first mobile handset to manufacturing, is working on a second model that will incorporate messaging capabilities (here to read about the new Apple iPhone). American Technology Research analyst said Apple will leverage on existing Mac’s iChat software […]

... written on Nov 21 2006

Timber Giant WTK

It seems Lingui’s excellent profit announcement (posting here) has started the chain-reaction to other timber player as well which earlier on triggered FinanceTwitter “Buy” signal (earlier posting here). WTK Holdings Berhad (WTK : stockcode 4243) today triggered FinanceTwitter & MACD “Buy” signal with 1,404 Bulls : zero Bears. Stochastic has crossed and RSI is bullish. […]

... written on Nov 20 2006

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