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Nov 29 2006
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Florida Rock Industries, Inc. (NYSE : FRK) will annouce its’ earning Wed, 29-Nov-2006 AMC. FRK is engaged in three business segments: construction aggregates, concrete products and cement and calcium products. The Company also has an investment in a crushed stone plant in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada and a distribution yard in New York City, New York.

FRK depends very much on housing industry as it supplies most of its cement for the construction. Housing sector has been on downtrend since and some of the small players were beaten badly. However based on the yardstick of the stocks from the same sector such as Eagle Materials, Inc. (NYSE : EXP) which beats earning recently, FRK might just follow the path.

FRK missed its’ earning for the last quarter, the first one in many quarters. Should FRK beat the earning this quarter with good earning’s data, this stock should gap-up nicely. The downsides are quite limited considering it has consolidated to the lowest of $36 before recover to current level of $43. Furthermore it was reported that home sales rise for the first time in eight months, though partly because of falling prices.

Some of the Indicators for FRK :

  • wall street consensus : 0.75
  • stockscouter rating : 9 /10
  • whisper number for this stock : NA
  • smart-estimate for this stock : 0.75
  • schaeffer rating for this stock : 5 / 10
  • power rating : 5 /10
  • insider trading (last 52 weeks) : NA
  • option : Mar 2007 40 Call
  • IV for Jan 2007 $40 Strike : 39.81%

In order to play this stock, we need time-value to be on our side. I would be more comfortable with Mar 2007 40 Call option. Let’s wait and see after the bell today if this stock can help me make money.

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