Google Adding Adsense for AUDIO ?

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Oct 28 2006
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I received news from webpronews that the rumour of Google is about to undergo a major corporate restructuring in preparing to release AdSense for Audio … rumors are flying about their plan to launch an AdSense for Audio service to place advertising alongside podcasts and other streaming media …

According to the rumour, Google “is about to set up an IBM-like structure … what this means is that there would be one global account director per account, that pulls in resources to sell as needed – PPC, Print, Radio, Video, Display, etc.” …

It was also rumoured that in an effort to confirm the tip, some contacts at Google had been approached, and they neither confirmed nor denied it …

I’m not surprising though, considering Google bought over dMarc back in january-2006 for $102 million in cash … dMarc is a company that works with radio advertisers in the sales, scheduling, delivery and reporting of radio ads …

In oct-2006, again Google snapped up YouTube for $1.65 billion (the most expensive purchase made by Google during its eight-year history), brushing aside copyright concerns to seize a starring role in the online video revolution …

“Google is committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media,” Tim Armstrong, Google’s vice president of advertising sales, said in a release …

So, it’s no brainer that Google’s next move is to push audio follows by video as the next online advertising means … Google has top-brains, cash and creativity to keep on surprising investors …

Now, how can i translate this piece of information to make me money ? … if Google were to be able to launch Adsense for Audio soon (before the next earning quarter), most likely Google’s earning will beat estimate by larger margin … and this can only mean one thing, it will make money investing in this stock for me just like recently ( here ) …

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