BJCAP : any more upside ??

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Oct 10 2006
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I’ve been watching berjaya shares since 2 years ago as it has not moved quite as normal as during pre-1997 asean financial crisis.

Berjaya is famed for it’s restructuring exercise every now and then, the latest involved BJCorp.

Anyway, based on the chart, it seems BJCap has break away with high volume since 13-sept-2006 with technical indicators such as stochastic & rsi together with macd triggerring “BUY” signal.

FinanceTwitter indicator confirmed the bulls has defeated bears with following ratio :-

  • 319 (bull) : 0 (bear) (4-oct-2006)
  • 280 (bull) : 0 (bear) (5-oct-2006) – consolidation
  • 326 (bull) : 0 (bear) (6-9-oct-2006)

Fundamentally, BJCap experienced decreased in net-profit even though the sales turnover has been increasing since 2004.

However looking at the stock price which is at it’s highest at $ 1.42 since 2002, could there be some news which the public do not know yet ?? or it’s the early window dressing?

I’m optimistic on the up-trend nevertheless.

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