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Extremists Can Go Screw Spider – Non-Muslims Can Drink & Dance And Sell “Pork Nasi Kandar” Within Their Space

Whiskey cannot be branded “Timah”. Liquor cannot be sold at Chinese medicinal shops. Licensed 4D betting shops cannot operate. A Chinese woman was fined for wearing shorts in her own clothing store. Birthday cake disallowed at McDonald’s unless it was certified “halal”. Auntie Anne’s cannot sell “pretzel dog” unless renamed to “pretzel sausage”.   Heck, […]

... written on Nov 03 2023

Playing With Fire! – Here’s Why Iran Won’t Dare Attack Israel Directly, But The Same Cannot Be Said About Israelis

In June, Tehran unveiled its so-called “hypersonic” missile which allegedly can hit Israel in 400 seconds. Of course, it was merely propaganda. If Iran indeed possessed such weapon, Israel would have been wiped out today. Its sponsored terrorist arm – Hamas – would not need to slaughter 1,400 Jews people on Oct 7, which triggers […]

... written on Nov 01 2023

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