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Countries With Cheapest & Most Expensive Mobile Data Around The World That Might Surprise You

As the world rushes to adopt 5G network technology, and watches how the United States tried to stop China’s Huawei Technologies Co. dominance in the field, some countries in the world are still using 2G infrastructure. Such remote territories or extremely poor countries in Africa, Central America and South America could only provide calls and […]

... written on Jan 12 2023

Singapore Newspapers Cheating Scandal – How SPH Media Scam Investors & Advertisers By Cooking Circulation

Singapore’s government-owned and controlled print media has been plagued with a major scandal – cooking the books to inflate daily circulation. SPH Media Trust, the publisher which owns newspapers like The Straits Times, Berita Harian and Lianhe Zaobao, has admitted inflating circulation numbers to between 85,000 and 95,000 copies daily through various methods.   Apparently, […]

... written on Jan 11 2023

China Retaliates – Travel Visa Suspension For Business, Tourism, Medical & Even Transit Against South Korea & Japan

Beijing has made good on its promise to retaliate against countries that discriminate travellers from China. South Korea and Japan have become the first casualties after the Chinese Embassy in both countries suspended the visa issuance for visits, business, tourism, medical care, transit and personal matters effective Tuesday (Jan 10, 2023).   Last week, Seoul […]

... written on Jan 10 2023

Muhyiddin’s Right-hand Man Arrested – How The Ex-PM Solicited RM4.5 Billion Bribes In RM92.5 Billion Covid-19 Stimulus Scandal

Why was Muhyiddin Yassin so power-crazy that he willingly betrayed friends and allies in Pakatan Harapan, leading to the collapse of the democratically-elected government after just 22 months? Why was he so obsessed with power that he didn’t mind being laughed as the first backdoor prime minister? Why was he so daringly ignored multiple royal […]

... written on Jan 08 2023

Wasted 6 Million Doses Of Covid Vaccine – Someone Became Very Rich From Deliberate Over-Purchase

Khairy Jamaluddin, former Science, Technology, Innovation Minister publicly announced in February 2021 that the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin will ensure that “not a single dose” of Covid-19 vaccine is wasted once the national immunisation programme kicked off at the end of the month. The vaccine was so precious that people scrambled to get inoculated. […]

... written on Jan 06 2023

Worry About US’ XBB Variant, Not China Variants – Why It’s A Dumb Move To Ban & Discriminate Travellers From China

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysia won’t discriminate against travellers or tourists from any particular country, even though his new unity government is prioritizing health over tourism and economy. He announced the immigration checkpoints will be tightened to screen arrivals from places with a high rate of infections – including China and the United States. […]

... written on Jan 05 2023

You Need UMNO Or Chinese – Muhyiddin & Hadi Desperate To Snatch Power Before Sultan Johor Becomes The Next King

After the 2018 General Election, which saw the stunning defeat of the ruling Barisan Nasional after 61 years of one-party rule, the political landscape has changed. For the first time since Malaysia declared Independence in 1957, the people finally realized that the ruling government led by the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) is actually vulnerable. […]

... written on Jan 03 2023

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