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Here Comes Wireless Charging, From IKEA Smart Furniture

You’ve been using “wave and pay” credit and debit cards. Depending on where you reside, you may have also experienced the wireless charging at your nearest Starbucks. The nightmare of messy cables for charging is slowly but surely going away. Soon, wireless charging could be a standard (and boring) feature at everyone’s home. IKEA is […]

... written on Mar 03 2015

Cheating & Gerrymandering – Here’s How It Works

If you’re not an investor oracle like Warren Buffett or an innovative guru like Steve Jobs, then you should venture into politics – if money, lots of them, is what you’re after. As much as politics is a bitch, it comes with nice perks. If not a billionaire, you can at least become a multimillionaire […]

... written on Mar 02 2015

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