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The Myth behind Big Mac Index – better to get Honda

Frisolac 1 Gold costs RM49.50 today when it was only RM45.00 two months ago – a whopping 10 percent increase within a span of only 2-month. With the current high petrol price, it’s not worth scouting around hoping to find cheaper Frisolac at some secluded shops. That’s a freaking high inflation if the basket of […]

... written on Aug 13 2008

Races are on for Gold Medals, Black Gold and the Throne

The week ended with a spectacular Beijing Olympic 2008 opening ceremony held in the China’s National Stadium – known as the Bird’s Nest. The date chosen was also said to be very auspicious, Aug 8th 2008 or 08-08-08. Some 34.2 million viewers watched the Opening Ceremony, smashing the previous record of 27.3 million for NBC’s […]

... written on Aug 10 2008

Are you a good Negotiator or a good money Spender?

There’re always two sides of the same coin. Certain people argued that you can’t re-negotiate a contract particularly in relation to the IPP. They asked how I would feel if I’m one of the IPPs owners. They strongly condemn any changes to the lop-sided agreement and would blacklist Malaysia as their investment destination if anyone […]

... written on Aug 07 2008

Many happy faces but Dow is still below 12,000 level

There were many happy faces who long the stocks especially in the last hours of trading when all the major indexes had gains of almost 3 percent. Dow Jones alone shot up more than 330 points. In a widely expected rate decision, the central bank reported that “economic activity expanded in the second quarter, partly […]

... written on Aug 06 2008

MMC overpaying SATS, Albukhary sucking money out

On paper the proposal to inject Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd (SATS) into MMC Corp Berhad looks yummy. Besides container haulage company JP Logistics Sdn Bhd, the MMC Group’s two main ports – Port of Tanjung Pelepas (in southwest Johor) and Johor Port (in Pasir Gudang) could provide the logistics synergies with the addition […]

... written on Aug 05 2008

U.S. auto sales tumbled, Proton to develop hybrid car?

One of the biggest items on the table for next week is definitely the FOMC meeting and its policy announcement slated for Aug 5th at 2:15 ET. The Bernanke boys are expected to do nothing and let the rate unchanged at 2.00 percent. There’re hundreds of companies that would be releasing their earnings and amongst […]

... written on Aug 03 2008

Twilight Zone is zapping people and money away

One of the reasons that have gotten foreign investors flabbergasted yet amusing at the same time was how the Malaysian government enjoys playing the game of “Now you see it; now you don’t”. Get real, the ruling government basically has no time to manage the country’s economy with the naughty-boy Anwar keeps barking that he’ll […]

... written on Aug 01 2008

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