After Monkey Predicted Trump’s Victory, Now “AI” Predicts Le Pen Will Win

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Feb 16 2017
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George Soros, through his investment in Google, has stepped up a new round of “Fake News” campaign. Still licking his wounds from Hillary Clinton’s terrible loss, Soros’ hedge fund – Soros Fund Management LLC – is banking on its investment in Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, to stop anti-globalist Marine Le Pen from joining Donald Trump.


Nigel Farage, the guy who shocked the EU elite by driving Britain out of the club – Brexit – has issued his last warning in European Parliament – “You’re in for a bigger shock in 2017”. Of course, he was referring to the 2016 global revolution where people, particularly in the European Union, rejected a centralized government.

Globalist George Soros VS Anti-Globalist Marine Le Pen

George Soros is trying to stop France from falling into the hands of anti-globalist and anti-liberalist while Nigel Farage is saying there’s no way you can stop the revolution. So, which one should you bet your money on? Perhaps you should listen to a third opinion – AI – or simply artificial intelligence. After all, it has been proven that polling numbers were so unreliable.


According to Arun Kant, chief executive and chief investment officer at Singapore-based investing firm Leonie Hill Capital, Marine Le Pen will be the next president of France. After number crunching done by his firm’s “proprietary artificial intelligence’s system analysis”, Le Pen will not only win the first round, but the second too.


Presently, polling numbers and human predictions say while Le Pen would win the first round, she would eventually lose the second round. Here’s what the AI program predicts – Le Pen would take 28% of the vote in the first round, while independent candidate Emmanuel Macron would take 19-20% and ex-prime minister Francois Fillon takes 16.4%.


In case you’re still wondering, the French voting system is split into two phases or rounds, with the top two candidates from the April 23, 2017 round due to face each other in a second run-off on May 7, 2017. An IFOP poll published on Feb. 14 placed Le Pen in the lead for the April 23 ballot, with around 25.5% of the vote. The interesting part comes in the second round.


Based on the artificial intelligence results, Le Pen would still lose in the second round, getting 47.7% to Macron’s 52.3%. However, there’s a “hidden factor” not being taken into consideration by the conventional wisdom. France’s National Front leader – Marine Le Pen – will win anyway because if she wins the first round, thedynamic” will change, similar to Trump’s populist appeal.


Kant said his AI analysis predicted that the only way Macron could win is if some unexpected factor were to pull undecided voters in his favour. Le Pen, a former attorney, won 17.9% of the vote in the first round back in the 2012 election. But there was neither Brexit nor President Donald Trump to give her the factor of dynamic momentum 5 years ago.

French Marine Le Pen and American Donald Trump

Like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen is anti-immigration, anti-EU and a fierce critic of open borders and free trade. She is convincing the French that nationalism and economic protectionism are the best medicine for the country. Announcing her candidacy for the French presidency earlier this month, she told her cheering supporters that she would be a “France First” president.


Drumming the war of patriotism to the French, she said – “What is at stake in this election … is whether France can still be a free nation. The divide is not between the left and right any more but between patriots and globalists.” She compared globalisation to slavery, saying it meant “manufacturing with slaves to sell to the unemployed.” She wanted a country “which owes nothing to anyone”.

France Presidency 2017 - Marine Le Pen Supporters

Le Pen told thousands of flag-waving supporters that she alone could protect them against Islamic fundamentalism and globalization if elected president – “Past leaders chose deregulated globalization. They said it would be happy; it turned out to be awful. Financial globalization and Islamist globalization are helping each other out … Those two ideologies want to bring France to its knees.”


Before you foam at the mouth yelling at Trump’s discriminatory travel ban on 7 Muslim-majority countries, majority of Europeans actually supported the ban. Based on a research done by Chatham House, 61% of French supported a ban on Muslim immigration. Polish led the number with 71%, while people of Austria (65%), Hungary (64%) and Belgium (64%) supported the ban too.

AI Artificial Intelligence Predicts Marine Le Pen To Win France Presidency

However, betting markets are still saying there’s only about 30% chance of Marine Le Pen winning the French presidency. But after being slaughtered by Brexit and Donald Trump, nobody dares to put too much money against her or count her out. After all, if a monkey could predict Trump’s victory, who in their right-mind would bet against AI (artificial intelligence).


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