How Come The Chinese Always Get The Blames & Beatings – Part 3

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Sep 03 2016
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During the Low Yat Crisis last year, Prime Minister Najib Razak almost made his dad proud. Like his father’s 1969 bloody racial riots, Malaysia was on a brink of its second racial riot. A phone theft involving 2 young Malays quickly turned into a mini racial riot when hundreds more Malays, instigated by thugs under UMNO’s payroll, readied for racial war.


Extreme group ISMA, another branch of UMNO (the ruling political party led by PM Najib Razak) claimed it was only natural for Malay youths (involved in the theft) to release their anger on the ethnic-Chinese businessmen because the ethnic-Malays are known for “running amok”. The moral of the story: the Chinese should clap and cheer when the Malays steal.

Low Yat Riot - Victim vs Culprit and UMNO Lawyer

When Mr. Najib failed to shake off the 1MDB scandal this year, he partnered with Islamic party PAS, whom was allegedly paid RM90 million by the prime minister, and introduced ancient and brutal “Hudud Law”. Claiming the hudud was for Muslims, not non-Muslims, every single Chinese was called anti-Islam for asking a fair question – is hudud law practical in a multi-religious society?


Of course, just like the Low Yat Crisis which almost turned the country into racial riots, the Hudud Law Game was cleverly designed to divert attention from PM Najib’s corruption, which has since spread and forced the U.S. Department of Justice linking the prime minister as “Malaysian Official 1” who helped enriching his stepson – Riza Aziz – to the tune of 1-billion US-dollar.

1MDB Scandal - US-DOJ Links Stolen Money To Riza Aziz and Malaysian Official 1 - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor

In both cases, the Chinese (or rather Malaysian Chinese) were at the end of the blames and beatings. But it appears Malaysia is not the only country which relies on ethnic-Chinese as punching bag when politician bigots are fast losing power, or trying to get elected into power. Just like Najib Razak, Donald Trump is called a racist bigot by Hillary Clinton, and it’s not hard to understand why.


Unlike Donald Trump who justifies that the Chinese (of China) were indeed making a fool out of Americans; Najib Razak, however, has zero justification why the Chinese (of Malaysia) are the root cause of his government’s failure. To be fair, Trump targets not only the Chinese but also the Mexicans, Muslims, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and anyone who supports illegal immigrants and terrorists.

1MDB Scandal - Untouchable Emperor Najib Razak - Raining Money

But the Chinese didn’t support illegal immigrants or terrorists. In fact, Trump’s isolationism through a proposal to build a great Mexico Wall has great similarity to the Great Wall of China. Ahh, but the Chinese were “cheaters” who constantly manipulates their currency in order to keep the value of its currency low relative to the US-dollar.


As a result, it creates a U.S. trade imbalance with China, not to mention the losses of hundreds of thousands of jobs when American companies move manufacturing and production to China. Trump conveniently ignores the fact that India, Africa and South America also offer cheap labours but didn’t attract American companies the same way China did.

Tim Cook Visits Apple Factory in China - Donald Trump Accuses China Stealing Jobs

Not only were wages exceedingly low in China, their productivity was high. That’s the social realities of commodities “Made in China”. More importantly, it was the “decentralization” from the Chinese Communist Party – allows the people starting private businesses, compete, thrive and re-invest that enables the Chinese produce the economies of scale today.


The Chinese didn’t force American companies at gun point to invest in China. It were the greedy American capitalists who saw the huge market of 1-billion Chinese consumers that made them abandoned comrade American workers. Yes, as long as they don’t threaten communist political power, 1-billion Chinese were allowed to make money through free market competition.

Ford in Shanghai China

Japan too constantly manipulates its currency to boost its economy whenever exports and profits tumble. Strangely, Trump didn’t call the Japanese cheaters and currency manipulator. The possibility of Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United State is real, so much so that Alibaba founder Jack Ma has a warning: “When Trade Stops, Wars Start.”


Amusingly, Jack Ma is furiously promoting globalization, something which supposedly should be alien to the communist China (*grin*). Likewise, its laughable hearing Donald Trump screams until he foams at the mouth about isolationism and protectionism, something unthinkable to the capitalist champion America. Somehow, the world has gone upside down, has it not?

Donald Trump Anti-China - Urging Comrades Buy Branded Goods From America

Besides accusing China of raping America with trade deficits, Trump also blames the Chinese of “outrageous theft of intellectual property.” Well, try telling that to billionaire Jack Ma who says counterfeit goods are now of better quality than the genuine products. Mr. Ma was referring to OEMs who were tasked by branded sellers such as Apple and Louis Vuitton but could make better products at a cheaper price.


Screw intellectual property and the need to enrich American brand owners. Impatiently, the Chinese producers were looking for ways to make their own products and sell them directly to consumers, using the internet for marketing. Chinese billionaire such as Jack Ma believes it’s the new business model of going direct to the consumers that is destroying western luxury goods, not fake or IP.

Fake LV Louis Vuitton Bags

Okay, perhaps imitations are bad and the Chinese should buy everything branded. Can you see what will happen next? Capitalism stops functioning because there’s no real free market competition, and the China economic reform fails to produce middle-class and upper-class consumers. That’s precisely what India is experiencing now, despite having populations not too far away from China.


Without the Chinese, Apple will not make more than US$233.7 billion in revenue in 2015, half of which derived from China, although it has started shrinking thanks to saturation. Ford’s China will not be able to sell 1-million vehicles last year. Heck, Boeing sells so many planes to China that it’s opening a new factory in China just to assemble 737s.

US Presidential Election 2016 - Jack Ma - Last Time Blame Russia, Now Blame China

Fortunately, like Jack Ma, everyone knows that Trump’s declaration of war against China’s trade and commerce is merely rhetoric without substance. Mr. Ma said – “Many years ago before election, the American (candidates) were anti-Soviet Union, now they are anti-China.” Because Russia is stronger under Vladimir Putin, U.S. is picking a weaker China to bully.


Seriously, would President Donald Trump dare slapping a 45% tariff on Chinese imports? It depends very much whether the American economy is in deep trouble, of which isn’t the case at the moment. Nevertheless, the Chinese always get the blames whenever they face president-wannabe like Donald Trump. And they always get the beatings whenever they face racists like Najib Razak.


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In the 70s when Singapore still broadcasted radio in Cantonese, Tun Razak was addressed as ” Toon Lai Chai ” in news presented.

“Lai Chai ” in Cantonese means dead, die, kick the bucket etc.., this was like a cursing on Razak .

Little wonder Razak dropped dead at a relatively young age of 54 .

Though I wasn’t sure whether this was done purposely on instruction from LKY or some officials.

Haha.. a common thief was hailed as a hero.
So MO1 should be hailed as a superhero ?

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