Rohingya Demands Citizenship? A Result Of UMNO-Malays’ Corruption & Religious Politics To Cling To Power

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Apr 30 2020
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Mahathir Mohamad was surprised that Malay Muslims’ sympathy toward Rohingya Muslims suddenly becomes hatred. So the former prime minister came out and urged the Malays not to hate the Rohingya people, arguing that they are victims of cruelty. He said condemnations should be directed at Myanmar and State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi instead.


Najib Razak was less forgiving. The serial liar, who used to love Rohingya so much that he shared a stage in 2016 with “enemy” Hadi Awang to protest against the violence against their Muslim brothers in Myanmar, has made a U-turn. Now, Mr. Najib supports the Armed Forces’ attempt on April 17 in stopping a new batch of Rohingya refugees from entering the country.


Hadi Awang, the “munafiq (hypocrite)” who had basically screamed his lungs out chanting “free the Rohingya”, now says the humanitarian crisis that has plagued the Rohingya people needs to be dealt with using international effort rather than depends on Malaysia alone. What happens to Hadi’s chest-thumping declaration that Muslim brotherhood was above citizenship?

Rohingya Boat Illegal Immigrants - Hadi Awang, Mahathir Mohamad, Najib Razak

Due to Coronavirus fears, apparently Malaysian authorities spotted and turned away a boat carrying about 200 Rohingya off the north-western island of Langkawi. Earlier this month, 202 Rohingya landed in Langkawi and were detained. As a Muslim-majority nation with sizable Rohingya presence, Malaysia is easily a favourite destination for refugees or migrants from Myanmar.


Does that mean when the Covid-19 pandemic is finally over, the government would start welcoming boatloads of Rohingya refugees once again? Why can’t the latest “Malay-only” Perikatan Nasional government quarantine them somewhere in Langkawi for 14 days to ensure they’re free from the virus before letting them join their fellow Rohingya families or friends?


Yes, while there are approximately 179,520 refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia, according to UNHCR as of end March 2020, a huge portion of them – 154,460 or 86% – are from Myanmar. In reality, however, there are also illegal immigrants, but only the God knows how many had entered the country undetected, thanks to the booming business of human trafficking.

Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani - President of Myanmar Rohingya Human Rights

To make matters worse, in March, Malaysian authorities were reportedly scrambling to track down about 2,000 Rohingya men who attended a Muslim religious gathering – Tabligh – that has led to a big spike in the spread of Coronavirus cases across Southeast Asia. But all hell broke loose when a video clip emerged in social media – demanding something unexpected.


The video, featuring Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani, President of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organisation Malaysia (Merhrom), was seen as demanding similar rights to Malaysians and citizenship for the Rohingya community. After public uproars, Zafar claimed there was misunderstanding and he had never actually demanded citizenship for the Rohingya people.


But as far as former PM Najib was concerned, there was no misunderstanding at all. He openly blamed the Rohingya whom he had initially milked for political gains in 2016 – “We do not like it when they don’t observe cleanliness and disrespect the law. Some go to the extreme of demanding equality. Sudah diberikan betis, nak peha pulak (translated to ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’)”.

Rohingya - Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak and Hadi Awang

Like it or not, scumbag politicians like Najib (former PM) and Hadi (president of Islamist party PAS) were instrumental in encouraging the arrivals of Rohingya people at an industrial rate after both leaders used the Rohingya card to rally Malay Muslim voters. The protest drama against the so-called “ethnic cleansing” in Myanmar was staged to divert attention from Najib’s 1MDB scandal.


Even if it’s true that the Rohingya Muslims were demanding citizenship now, whose fault it is if not Najib and Hadi, who played racial and religious cards? Did not Hadi Awang say that Muslim brotherhood was more vital than citizenship? Why only now that Najib whined, moaned and bitched about Rohingya cleanliness, as if they were super clean 4 years ago?


Get real, if the current government is still the previous Pakatan Harapan, and not the backdoor  “Malay-only” Perikatan Nasional government of which Najib’s UMNO and Hadi’s PAS parties are part of, the racists and extremists from both UMNO and PAS will definitely hold another massive protest to accuse DAP-Chinese of oppressing and suppressing fellow Rohingya Muslims for turning away the boat loaded with them.

Mahathir Project IC in Sabah - Newspaper Cutting

Make no mistake about the issues of refugees, asylum-seekers or illegal immigrants in the country. In a very near future, they would gang-up and threaten to be accorded citizenship. When that time comes, the so-called Malays or Bumiputeras (son of the soil) will be powerless against them. But the source of the problem is UMNO-Malay leaders, especially Mahathir and Najib.


Malaysia began admitting Rohingya Muslims and Acehnese Muslims in the 1980s. Then in the early 1990s, the notorious “Project IC”, a project which grants citizenship to immigrants by giving them identity cards, was started. It was secretly hatched during Mahathir’s first stint as premier for 22 years (1981-2003) where immigrants – whether legal or otherwise – were systematically granted citizenship in Sabah.


The purpose of Project-IC was to alter the demographic pattern in the state of Sabah to make it more favourable to then-Mahathir government. A former senator claimed that at least 700,000 immigrants had been given citizenships. In April 2015, Mr. Mahathir admitted that it was his government’s policy to recognize people who were loyal to the country (or rather his government).

Vietnam War - Vietnamese Boat People - Mahathir Shoot On Sight

From the beginning, it was about racial and religious politics. Unlike 250,000 Vietnamese boat people who fled the Vietnam War and settled in Bidong Island, Terengganu (1975-1991) temporarily (the last Vietnamese refugee left Malaysia in 2005), the Rohingya people are allowed to live freely in all the states in Malaysia. The state of Selangor alone is hosting a whopping 66,000 Rohingyas.


In comparison, then racist Deputy Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad declared in 1979 that the order to “shoot on sight” would be given, only to be warned by the U.S., as the government began the brutality of pushing 70,000 Vietnamese refugees back to the sea. Yet, 2 days ago, he shed tears for the Rohingya Muslims when the Muhyiddin government of his own party stopped a refugee boat from landing.


In 2005, the Malaysian government issued between 32,000 and 35,000 IMM13 work permits to Acehnese migrants and refugees from Indonesia, allowing them to work, attend school, and live in the country legally. The next year, the government began to issue IMM13 permits to Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar, but stopped amid accusations of bribery and corruption in the issuing process.

Myanmar Rohingya in Malaysia - Protest

The corrupt Barisan Nasional regime had gotten smarter, it appeared. Instead of giving free identity cards as in the case of Sabah to win the state election, the government of Abdullah Badawi found it more profitable to milk the issuance of IMM13 permits to Muslim refugees while allowing them to slowly integrate and increase the population of “Muslims” in Peninsular Malaysia.


When the 202 Rohingya illegal immigrants were arrested in Langkawi early this month, it was discovered that the entire operation actually involved human smuggling where the syndicate would be paid RM15,000 per head. That boatload of Rohingyas alone would make the syndicate a cool RM3 million in profit. Clearly, this is not a case of refugees, but human trafficking.


There were also reports that Rohingya men in Malaysia willingly pay RM20,000 dowry to marry a Rohingya girl smuggled into the country. In 2015, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) said in a report it had identified at least 120 Rohingya child brides, as young as 12-year-old, in Malaysia – suggesting the lucrative business of child marriage.

Rohingya Illegal Immigrants - UNHCR

The Rohingya illegal immigrants did not enter the country through sea alone, but also along the loosely guarded Malaysia-Thai border, for obvious reason. In essence, it means not only the actual number of Rohingya people in the country is above the official 154,460 figures published by the UNHCR, but also speaks volumes about corruption within Malaysian authorities for decades.


And who can forget how Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, former deputy prime minister, was running the business of importing an eye-popping 1.5-million Bangladeshi, each charged between RM1,500 and RM3,000 per head, depending on the sector – manufacturing, construction, service or plantation and agriculture – the cheap labours would be sent to?


As of 30 June 2017, the official figures showed there were 1,781,598 foreign workers in the country. In 2018, however, it was estimated that a total of between 3.85 to 5.3 million migrant workers were already residing in Malaysia, including undocumented or illegal workers. If today the Rohingyas dare to demand citizenship, what is there to stop Bangladeshi or Pakistani from doing the same tomorrow?

Importing Bangladesh Workers - Zahid Hamidi Flip Flop - 1,500,000 X RM3,000 - RM4.5 Billion

True, it was due to humanitarian that refugees were first allowed into the country. But later, Mahathir and his successors had chosen to trust foreign Muslims more than fellow citizen – non-Muslims – to keep them in power. The corrupt, racist and selfish politicians had even seen it as necessary to put majority Malay-Muslims and minority ethnics Chinese and Indians at loggerheads.


Now, you reap what you sow. In 2002, there were only 5,000 Rohingya and nearly 59,000 Filipino Muslims (primarily in Sabah). Today, 20 years later, there are more than 150,000 Rohingyas, and they have started asking for citizenship and equal rights. Can you imagine what will happen in another 20 years? The Rohingya’s demand for citizenship is just the beginning.


The Rohingya, Bangladeshi and Pakistani have been systematically marrying local Malay women to enjoy special privileges and discounts given to a Bumiputera. They are very hard working. They don’t pay taxes like minority non-Muslims. They snatch local jobs deemed dangerous, dirty and difficult. Soon, they would rule the country, like Java-immigrant Zahid Hamidi who came from Ponorogo.

Foreign Workers Immigrants in Malaysia


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Did not the Snake Pharaoh M for Monster ordered the boats carrying the Vietnamese boat people be shot at and sunk if they came near Malaysian shores?

That was the mercy and compassion shown by Mahathir when the Vietnamese were fleeing persecution in Vietnam and were suffering not just the danger of the open seas, but also mass rape, violent robbery, and murder.

That was M for Monster show of being “tough” – which was more like a show of being sub-human or worse.

What is different between the suffering of the Rohingyas and the Vietnamese boat people?

I won’t say that we have not heard much or anything of pirates raping and killing the Rohingyas, and I should not say that we should show the Snake Pharaoh’s perversed kind of mercy and compassion for the Rohingyas too.

But why were the Rohingyas treated so different?

And why should those who are supposed to have that profusion of mercy and compassion for the Rohingyas now stab them in the back?

It all look rather schizophrenic this convenient change of heart, now we see Ali Jekyll, now we see Ali Hyde, one treatment for the Vietnamese boat people, another for the Rohingyas.

Then it becomes Rohingyas as BFF yesterday, now our merciful and compassionate want to get rid of the Rohingyas.

Are our merciful and compassionate just plain two-faced hypocrites – or are they ignorant of the same faith shared with the Rohingyas?

That said, those of the same faith in the Middle East do not give a flying fcuking shiite either about the practitioners of the same faith as them. For examples, few want the Palestinian, Iraqi, or Syrian refugees in their countries.

Few care about the glorified slaves from Pakistans, India, Myammar, etc etc belonging to the same faith toiling in their countries.

More spend more energy, money and time hating and killing the Shias, Sufis, etc than showing mercy and compassion toward their fellow human beings.

While they all spew hatred for the Israelis, nearly none have the one single ball to fight the Israelis. Worse still, the monkeys support ISIS and other bunches of murderers who help ISIS etc prop up Israel!

Money and mercenaries are used to pad up the murderous ISIS and other bands of killers who to date have not done anything to budge the Israelis one inch.

If this is mercy and compassion, and if it is about being religious, then the religion must be pretty fcuked up too – what does it actually teach the monkeys?

If the Rohingyas have been allowed into the country, it will not be neither merciful nor compassionate to turn them away.

We should “welcome the strangers in our midst”, we should show them mercy and compassion.

Most of all, we should show we are human and so are they.

It will also show we are civilised.

Hell, it might be impossible to show we are civilised, it appears there are those who have barely left their caves or came down from swinging up the fcuking trees!

The selfish corrupted Malay Leaders togather with the fake religious Holy Man created all these monsters of illegal immigrants in penisular and East Malaysia. They have to deal with it or their race will be extinct by severe competitions from this parasitic immigrants who will devour off their cultures, econimic pie and even their race. There are two scenerio that will be played out. The first is that there are hardworking immigrants who shall steal the rice bowl from the Malays and marry the local woman, just to be entitled the legal rights as citizen and further exploit the situation to enhance their own population growth.The second scenerio is that there are also many lazy refugees and immigrants depleting the easy free handouts from the country coffers. A gesture due to the tolerances of religious kinship. Soon the fight for handout will be rampant cutting into the smaller pie make so by financial strain from the current economic situation imbalance and ultimately making it smaller for the local Malays to enjoy their privillages.. Compounded to the miseries will be the local fake holy man supporting it on the grounds to accept more refugees stating that they are of the same religion of brotherhood. The social ills and crime rate will ballon sky high. The stupendous act of such nature where it is estimated that the immigrants are now more than the combined of the nons minority. It is a treachery of the highest order played by country Malay leaders in selling out their own country It is now up to the Malay leaders to “slew the monsters” that they have purposely created or they will face the wrath of the backlash from their own kind from such immense stupidity

I got this in my phone If this is true, even the Malays will be killed by them one day.

What is Rohingya?
April 2020
Many people do not understand the Rohingya, but constantly criticize Myanmar. We need to understand history. Historically, the Rohingya are a very powerful people in southern Bangladesh or at the end of Bangladesh. Like the Mongolian Kublai, the Rohingya became a very cruel because of their toughness, and they like to kill and oppress the Bengalis.
The main ethnic groups in Bangladesh finally fought back and waged a large-scale war with the Rohingya until the Rohingya were forced to retreat and enter the northern part of Myanmar. This is like the battle of the Jabida massacre that took place in the southern Philippines.
In the book The Battle of Saidpur, the Barabkunda incident is recorded. The Rohingya there were attacked and driven away, so that Bangladeshis no longer wanted to admit that the Rohingya were their people. This was caused by the brutal Rohingya themselves.
They eventually occupied northern Myanmar while continuously attacking Bangladesh. As a result, they formed important settlements in Sitakund and Bahannagar. During their occupation of northern Myanmar, they brutally suppressed and killed the Burmese. This ultimately led to a war between the Burmese tribe and the Rohingya.
Finally, the lost Rohingya did not know where to go? In their home country, northern Bangladesh, they will not be accepted; while in Myanmar, the Myanmar government does not want them and treats them as intruders.
Therefore, when you want to treat these Rohingyas well, think deeply about these nations that have never been good at gratitude in history. When we have a hard fight with Covid-19, they can take this opportunity to land in Langkawi and say that there will be more ships just to come.
So, think about it! There must be a degree of sympathy, not as Hang Nadim said: “History often repeats.”
Text: Brigadier General Armed Forces Datuk Mohamad.
Note: The source of this translation is unverified. The Rohingya are not homeless, don’t abuse your compassion. The Rohingya did not live without land, because before the brother of the chicken opened the door of convenience for them, they tasted the sweetness once, and they came to Malaysia without return. The first can be treated like an emperor, the second Malay is beautiful and attractive to them, the third is easy to find a job to make money, the fourth is because the government will give resources because of religious beliefs, and the fifth should be soon Get your ID card. In fact, their home country Bangladesh has given them an island Bhasan Char Island. The island has already built very complete basic facilities, why do they risk their lives to come to Malaysia? The reason is the greed of the people who want to come, and the profit-making business of the Renshe Group. If one person buys or sells for about 20,000 ringgits, there will be 8 million transactions for carrying 400 people at a time. Someone has done a murderous business, but no one has lost money. The government should actually investigate whether the so-called Malaysian President Rohingya is selling snakeheads. Therefore, it is not you and me who killed the Rohingya, but these humane human trafficking groups. Never let them back ashore because of sympathy. No matter how many people die at sea or be called out by the World Human Rights Organization, everyone still has to stick to their original intentions. From a humane standpoint, you can give the ship a supplement to the supply of food and medicine, but they cannot be allowed to go ashore. To understand the history of the Rohingya people, why are they disgusted when they flee there? Not much explanation here. Finally, we must emphasize again, don’t abuse your compassion, poor people must have hateful things! We do not want and will not disagree, allowing more Rohingya to invade Malaysia. (Please spread the word vigorously so that the back door government can hear the voice of the people!) 🙏🙏

What’s there to repeat! As long as corrupted politicians backed by fanatic Muslims are allowed to practice without objections from so called good muslimgood Muslims this disease will never heal. The above were used as pawns in the scapegoats when politicians were weak in Muslim voters support support and used them as a bribe to win Muslim voters confidence!
Now they realise they bought a nightmare instead. It’s good also cos now we see their true colours not like what mahathir had preached about these
about these arrogant & unclean rohingas. They did the same in Myanmar and
we’re kicked out! But mahathir refused to believe! So now u know the only
solution is deport them!

As usual, the Brit colonialists had a dirty role in the plight of the Rohingyas.

The Brit uncles, grandpa to some, of our deculturalised imitation angmohs shoved the Rohingyas from India to the then Burma,rather like Sarawakians and Sabah ans being incorporated into the Brit creation “Malaysia”.

Of course, the Burmese thenand now, got terribly pissed off.

And rather like the people of Sarawak and Sabah who got turned into “Malaysians”. Who were and are still fcuking pissed off.

The blame should fall first on your Brit uncles, your ex colonial massahs for both incorporating the Rohingyas into Burma – and for incorporating Sarawak and Sabah into “Malaysia”.

Then, the Rohingyas sided with their Brit uncles last century, and that was a bad move, the rest of Burma considered them traitors. Of course, there were plenty of other (historical, etc) reasons the rest of Burma are not fond of the Rohingyas. The rest of Burma, the majority, sided with the Japanese during WWII.
Depending on how you want to see or not see history, both side, the Rohingyas and the rest of Burma could be considered traitors.

Our country, or some of us, supported, and acted as lackeys to both the Brits and the Japs. I don’t know whether to call that opportunistic betting – or being professional running dogs – and traitors.

Things are, of course, different today.

On hindsight, our “wise guys” (or moronic assh*les) should have refused entry to the Rohingyas from the outset. Rather than let welcome them, kept quiet about any repercussion, and now discovering it was the “human traffickers” who were playing uncle to the Rohingyas.

Very obviously, other categories of uncles were involved too in the welcome party for the Rohingyas. Plenty of noise was made about the plight of the Rohingyas, poor sods!

It is quite a nasty though classic form of backstabbing plunging the keris in the Rohingyas now, after even capitalising on the bandwagon of being “humane”.

We can’t be pretending we are innocent or ignorant now, playing Ali Jekyll and playing Ali Hyde, though being schizophrenic in thinking is a trait of some of our scum lowlife wonders.

The moral of the story is: from the outset, from day one, turn the Rohingyas away. Why welcome them when you are characteristicAli going to stick the keris when the going gets tough – or the going gets you to show your true bogus fake character.

Our garbage moron politicians and fake holy clowns should have done the “Mahathir” soon as they saw the naval invasion, shot at and sunk all the boats carrying the refugees, or at least, shown mercy and compassion by threatening a “Mahathir”.

Well, the winner here are the Rohingyas.

Even before they finally and resolutely call their backstabbing brothers and uncles an amazing bunch of two-faced forked-tongued assh*les, our priceless fcukheads have already stood up and shouted out loud proclaiming themselves an amazing bunch of two-faced forked-tongued assh*les

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