Malaysia The Fertile Breeding Ground For Terrorism & Assassination

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Apr 24 2018
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Malaysian police on Monday released sketches of the two men suspected of assassinating Palestinian professor Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. The killers, obviously professionals, had rained a whopping 20 bullets and 14 of them hit the 35-year-old Palestinian. Mr. Fadi was heading to a mosque for dawn prayers before being gunned down.


Footage from a closed-circuit television camera near the scene showed the two assailants waiting for about 20 minutes for the lecturer to emerge from his Idaman Puteri Condominium. Based on descriptions by witnesses, the Malaysian police described the suspects as fair-skinned, about 180-cm tall and well-built, with distinct European or Middle Eastern features.


The family of Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh have accused Israeli spies of carrying out an assassination halfway across the world – a claim the Jewish state rejects. Mr. Fadi was himself an important member of Hamas, the military group currently ruling the Gaza. Israel has a long history of being accused of targeting wanted Palestinian militants

Assassination of Palestinian professor Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh

Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh – Idaman Puteri Condo Where He Lived

While Israel has rubbished the accusation that their spies were involved, several Israeli Cabinet ministers welcomed the killing, regardless of who was responsible. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggested in radio interviews that Mr. Fadi may have been killed as part of a rivalry between Palestinian militants. Mr. Avigdor was, of course, referring to the Hamas-Fatah conflict.


Also referred to as the “Palestinian Civil War”, the Hamas-Fatah conflict began showing its ugly face in 2005 after the death of Yasser Arafat. A member of the Fatah party, Mahmoud Abbas was elected in January, 2005 to serve as President of the Palestinian National Authority. In 2006, the radical Islamist Hamas unexpectedly beat Abbas’ secular Fatah in a separate parliamentary election.


Hamas tried to form a government but Fatah refused to join, encouraged by the international community boycott of the Hamas-led government over its refusal to renounce violence. Fighting between Fatah and Hamas gunmen in Gaza escalates into a systematic and bloody assault since 2007. Wikileaks later revealed that Fatah asked for Israel’s help.

Assassination of Palestinian professor Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh - Sketch of Suspects

As of August 2007 the Palestinian Authority became split into two groups, each seeing itself as the true representative of the Palestinian people – the Fatah-ruled Palestinian National Authority and the Hamas Government in Gaza. In essence, Fatah and Hamas have done a fabulous job slaughtering each other, while the Jews watch with popcorn and Coke.


Therefore, it’s absolutely possible that Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh could have been assassinated by Fatah agents. But even if he was indeed killed by Israeli Mossad agents, should that raise any eyebrows? The bigger question is not about who had killed the so-called Palestian professor but rather, what the heck was he doing in Malaysia.


Mr. Fadi was believed to have been working on Hamas’ unmanned aerial vehicle program and was working on improving the accuracy of its rockets. Malaysian police confirmed that he had lived in Malaysia for more than 7 years and had permanent residency status. He had a degree in electrical engineering and lectured at the University of Kuala Lumpur.

University Kuala Lumpur - Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh - Assassination

In its desire to champion the Palestians, it appears that the Malaysian government could have played a significant role in breeding terrorists such as Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh. If indeed he was an expert in rocket making, then Malaysia has become a hub for Islamist extremists and radicals from the Middle East to further their agenda.


It is also unknown if there are more people like Mr. Fadi infiltrating Malaysian various institutions tasked with radicalising, or worse, teaching Muslims the art of rocket making for the purpose of terrorism. Even if the Malaysian government hadn’t a clue about Fadi’s side project, the assassination surely raises question about the country’s lack of security.


The latest drama brings back the memory of assassination of Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia last year, where the half-brother of North Korean brutal leader Kim Jong-un was killed with chemical substance. But unlike the diplomacy crisis between Malaysia and North Korea, Israel and Malaysia do not have formal diplomatic relations, hence, no retaliation can be taken.

Assassination of Palestinian professor Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh - BMW GS Motorcycle

Both suspects were believed to be riding BMW GS or Kawasaki Versys motorcycles. Yet, Malaysian police and intelligence said they have no idea whatsoever if the killers are still in Malaysia. How many people in the country could afford such high-powered and expensive motorbikes? The selling price of a Kawasaki Versys-X 250 is RM23,789, while a BMW R 1200 GS starts at RM125,000 a pop.


At least, the Malaysian authorities knew about the identities of the culprits involved in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, and had even told the world that they were hiding inside the North Korea Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Has caretaker PM Najib Razak dispersed all the intelligence resources spying on opposition parties instead of tracking down the assassins?


Under Najib Razak, the country witnessed tons of misfortunes and high-profile crimes – ranging from the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in 2014, Movida Bar grenade attack in 2016 to the assassinations of North Korean Kim Jong-nam in 2017 and the latest assassination of Palestinian Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh.


Interestingly, Najib administration last year declared war on the “impenetrable” Israel, when his cousin Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein bravely committed Malaysia armed forces to combat the Jews, arguably the first Muslim-majority country to do so – after President Trump declares the relocation of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


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