U.S.-NATO Caught Off Guard As Russia-Iran Started Bombing ISIS

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Aug 17 2016
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Is there any good news on eliminating terror group ISIS by superpower U.S.-NATO after years of bombing? President Barack Obama would probably tell you his administration is gaining victory, inch by inch. Forget Obama. What does Trump has to say about ISIS? He has claimed Barack Obama was the founder of ISIS while Hillary Clinton was the co-founder of the group.


If what Trump claimed was true, it explains why ISIS is still alive and kicking today. Let’s ask Hillary Clinton what she plans to do about ISIS when she gets elected to the White House. Well, forget Clinton too. After admitted herself of being short-circuited, video shows she’s having difficulty walking without holding onto railing, kitchen table, chair or just about anything.

Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton – Founder & Co-Founder of ISIS

That’s right, do not expect U.S., NATO or powerful Saudi Arabia to do anything about wiping Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS). As China’s Deng Xiaoping once said – “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice, it is a good cat.” Therefore, forget whether Russia is the bad guy as good guy America keeps telling the world as part of its propaganda.


As long as Russia can wipe out the Daesh terrorists, President Vladimir Putin is the good guy. And it appears Putin, whose leadership has overtaken that of Obama, has found a new powerful Middle-Eastern partner and cheaper way in launching airstrikes against ISIS. On Tuesday, the world was shocked that Russian bombers and fighter jets have began flying from Iran.

Russian President Vladimir Putin & Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

For the first time since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the Shia-Muslim of Iran has allowed a foreign power to conduct military operations from its territory. Russians Tu-22М3 long range bombers and SU-34 strike fighters were reportedly flying from Hamadan airbase in Western Iran – targeting Islamic State near Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor and Idlib.


The Russian Defence Ministry claimed the airstrikes against Daesh targets in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor has destroyed three command centres, killing at least 150 terrorists, including foreign fighters. The Russian SU-34 fighters were believed to be carrying high-explosive OFAB-500 bombs.

Russia Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback Bomber

The ministry also revealed Russian fighter escorts for the mission flew out of Russia’s Hmeymim airbase in western Syria. All aircraft were reportedly returned to their respective bases after the mission. Russian state television showed footage of bombers and a transport aircraft apparently landing in Iran on Tuesday morning.


Iranian officials confirmed that the country has offered Russia use of military infrastructure for its air campaign in Syria. Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, told the country’s IRNA news agency – “Cooperation between Tehran and Moscow against terrorism in Syria is of a strategic character. We must unite out potential and capabilities.”

Russian Tu-22M3 Supersonic Long-Range Strategic Bombers

Tuesday’s mission has definitely raised America and its allies’ eyebrows because it marks a potentially major expansion of Russia’s military presence in the Middle East. Besides strengthening a de-facto alliance between Russia and Iran in Syria, where both countries have thrown their support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, there’s also one major achievement.


Vladimir Putin has achieved a tremendous tactical advantage with the latest partnership. The deployment of Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 supersonic long-range strategic bombers to the Hamadan airfield in Iran means Putin’s military is able to cut flight times by 60%. The distance between Russia and targets in Syria is 2,000-km while the Iranian’s Hamadan airfield is just 900-km away from targets.

Russian Tu-22M3 On Tarmac At An Airbase Near Hamadan, Iran

By flying from Iranian’s Hamadan airfield it not only helps Tupolev Tu-22M3 in terms of time and fuel saving, it also allow Russian aircraft to significantly increase bomb capacity of each plane – as much as 3 times greater payload. That’s because long range Tupolev Tu-22M3 not only requires longer runways, they’re also too heavy and large to use the airstrip in Hmeymim, Syria.


Still, the Russian airbase in Hmeymim plays an important role of providing Su-30SM and Su-35S aircraft cover for Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers taking off from Iran. In the Tuesday’s airstrikes, five large ammunition depots with weapons, munitions and fuel, as well as militant training camps near the cities of Serakab, Al-Ghab, Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor cities were destroyed.

Russia Sukhoi Su-35s Fighter Jet (4++ Generation)

Surprised and confused, the United States said it was still assessing the extent of Russian-Iranian cooperation but described the new development as “unfortunate”. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the U.S. was looking into whether the move violated UN Security Council resolution 2231, which prohibits the supply, sale and transfer of combat aircraft to Iran.


However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rubbished that Moscow is violating UN Security Council resolution 2231. Lavrov said there isn’t any supply, sale or transfer of combat jets to Iran because it was the Russian Aerospace Forces which conduct anti-terrorist operation at the request of the legitimate Syrian leadership.

Russian Presiden Vladimir Putin - Wearing Sunglasses

Nevertheless, the cooperation on the highest levels between Moscow and Tehran sends a powerful message to the United States and the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf, which have seen Iran as the arch-enemy. With the U.S. seen as reluctant or simply too weak to combat ISIS, Russia is slowly taking over the role as the new superpower, at least in the Middle East.


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